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Differences of UK and China

No description

Wing Yan Katie Chan

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Differences of UK and China

The Differences of UK
and China Aim:
To introduce the the differences between the United Kingdom and China in various aspects Overview 2. Differences of education systems in UK and China Education
system Cultural differences Science and
Technology thank you everyone! Q & A
Section! UK China Older Ages Modern Ages
Science Revolution (key stones to modern science)
Industrial Revolution Four Great Inventions of China
Chinese Medicine world wide web
other important inventions Third country in successfully sending humans to space conclusion Education System Cultural Science and Technology Schooling system Class Size Teaching Style Teacher-student Relation UK: relax and friendly China: Strict UK: independent China: Exam-oriented UK: Small class size

China: large class size Language Individualism and collectivism Living pace 3. The Cultural differences in UK and China 4. The Science and Technology in UK and China 1. Aim of presentation 5. Conclusion 6. Q & A Section
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