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Life's a Beach

No description

Ben Peters

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Life's a Beach

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Life's a beach
lifestyle show
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Born and bred Queenslander Paul Taylor has been a part of the states TV scene for the best part of two decades.

Not only has Paul been bringing the news to regional Queenslanders for the past decade or so, he’s hosted WIN’s coverage of live sporting events from the North Queensland Cowboys to the Cairns Taipans, as well as TV specials like the National Country Music Muster and the Fraser Island Fishing Expo.
Snazzy Production is an industry leader in delivering high class presentations in all areas of media; from web-based designs to television production.
Award winning cameraman and director Ben Peters has the creative edge and strong visual style which sets Snazzy Production in front of other media companies.

Do you think you know where Australia’s best beach town is?

And what makes it so great?

Is it the fishing, the food, the four wheel driving or the fantastic people?

From the tip of Cape York to the Tweed River region we trek the length and breadth of our great coastline in search of our best beach towns.

Each week we hook up with a local who shows us where to fish, what to see and what to eat on Life’s a Beach.

We promise you’ll be surprised with what we find.
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