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Dance in a New Way!

This is my Senior Project product and i hope you enjoy all of my hard work!

Kristin Vitale

on 20 January 2011

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Transcript of Dance in a New Way!

Kristin Vitale
Mrs. Kennedy Dance in a New Way! This is my dance team, that I have been working with for the past few months. They all agreed to participate in my senior project product. My dream in life is to become a choreogrpaher and this was my chance to start my goal. I have decided to make up a dance routine and teach it to my dance team at my school. After I complete my product, My team and I would then perform it in front of a live audience at one of my schools basketball games. The reason I decided to make up a routine for the dance team is because I wanted to learn how the aspects of a routine works. I also wanted to learn how to make up a routine on my own. I thought it would be fun to look at dance in a new perspective. This was my first day teaching
and I was very nervous but after I
started teaching the nervous went
right away. This was a challenge for me because I have never made up a dance routine on my own. It was also very hard for me to learn all of the structures needed for a dance. I never realized how difficult this process would be for me. The only expenses I had to pay for my product was the song from Itunes and I had to buy cds for the girls so they could practice. My total amount I paid was $7.29. My mentor Mrs. Lynn Vairo really helped me by teaching me the factors of the dance, and with teaching my teammates. This experience has inspired me to make up more dances with my dance team. I have recored a preview of my latest routine. This routine will be performed on February 2nd at one of our other basketball games. In this video you will also see a dance to the song "Dynamite". This is NOT my choreogrpahy. My choreography is to the song "California Gurls" only. We always do two different dances for each game, and this just happened to be the dance matched up with "California Gurls". This is a video of my product. This performance happened on November 23rd 2010. My proudest moment of this whole experience was when my mentor said, "Im very proud of you and you did a fantastic job." This was one of the best experiences i have ever done. I am so proud of myself and I will never ever forget this experience.
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