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About Us

About Us

Betty Hakimian

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of About Us

Fine jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler in business since 1985
Support office located in New York, USA

First company to bring Tanzanite to the Mass Market
Introduced Tanzanite to the Caribbean and the States
House of Tanzanite was founded by Albert and Betty Hakimian in New York City.
House of Tanzanite becomes a registered Trademark.
Collection features beautiful designs tailored to the cleavage and cuts of Tanzanite.
Alberto is Global:
Inaugurated Trunk Shows on board various ships and special collections are featured for the first time at sea .
Asia Moon- 100ct Tanzanite
was acquired

BettyBlue Diamonds is introduced.

Color diamonds now available and affordable for everyone by utilizing the newest technology.

Star of Holland- 46.82 ct
is designed
A Sneak Peak Into The
Alberto Factory
The Alberto production team sources only the most superior quality of gems.
Each gem must meet the company's strict gem standards before it is approved for a design.
Sourcing the Perfect Gem
Each design is carefully drawn in order to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.
Custom Design
First, the gem and design make their way down the stairs to the factory.
Then, Alberto jewelers cast the design and hand set the diamonds and gems into place.
Lastly, the "H.O.T" brand name is inscribed into every piece.
Cast, Set, Stamp & Polish
Once the piece is a finished design, it is brought back upstairs to the production office.
The production team inspects the piece to insure each detail and design aspect is to the Alberto quality standards.
Alberto endorses each design and offers a
Certificate of Authenticity
with each piece.
Alberto stands behind each of its beautiful designs through the company's
Lifetime Warranty
Certification Process and Warranty Program
Make the Moment Last Forever
Take A Tour Of The Design Process
Exclusive jewelry direct from the manufacturer allows for a very competitive value.
- Alberto is the world's largest supplier of distinctive and fine Tanzanite jewelry.
-We carry natural AAA quality Tanzanite surrounded by gold and diamonds.
- Tanzanite has an unique multidimensional color
- H.O.T. designs have been sought after for decades.
Meet the Designers
The company is proud to have a team of gemologists and jewelry experts all masterly trained and brilliantly versed in the jewelry industry. Alberto dynamic ambassadors guide each client to unique designs to match their tastes and lifestyle.
Today's new technology enables us to simulate hundreds of years of the earth's natural forces by enhancing the stone in a way that parallels the way mother nature creates colored diamonds. What Mother Nature does over time is accelerated through extreme high pressure and high temperature .This process is permanent and does not alter any of the characteristics of the diamond. Alberto has a beautiful variety of colored diamonds in shades of blue, red, and green.
Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Warranty allows you to shop Alberto with confidence.
House of Tanzanite
-Alberto seeks in the small newly found Alexandrite deposits around the world for its Alexandrite collection while supplies last. Each piece is unique because of the natural beauty of this exquisite gem.
-Exhibits a mysterious change of color dependent on the light they are shown in
-Has been thought to bring luck, good fortune, and love
-Very rare

"Phenomenal Gems"

-Only about one out of every 100,000 diamonds may be sufficiently colored to be considered a colored diamond.
-The cognac colored diamonds can only be found in the Argyle diamond mine in Australia.
-The Earth's movement created diamonds beneath the soil that were astounding in color.
-They are true natural diamonds and display all of the assets of diamonds.
-Alberto seeks for the best quality and colors in natural fancy color diamonds and creates unique designs around the little supply Mother Nature has offered.

"Natural color brought out by natural process"

Customer service is available for your assistance Toll-free
at 1-800-330-8266.
Why buy from
Alberto brands showcase
one-of-a-kind pieces with premium stone quality as well as collector pieces.

Alberto is hand-made and made in the USA.
Shop with confidence from any of our collections
made in the USA

Global trunk
shows begin
Star of Holland II- 73.72 ct is designed
Gianni & Cameron
Alberto Emeralds are....
-Alberto has a beautiful sampling of fine natural emeralds collected from various mines around the world all hand set in unique designs.
-Emeralds have been embraced by countries around the world, as a status of royalty.
-Emeralds are also the Wedding anniversary gemstone and are given as gifts for the 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage.
Our Customer Support Team in New York
Colored Diamonds
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