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Computer programming for kids

No description

Eduardo Crea

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Computer programming for kids

EngineZ Learning Institute a fun way to learn computer programming Mission Statement Promote interest in computer programming by developing products and services that teach children the fundamentals of computer coding Target Market Greenville County, SC
8 and 9 year old children
Market size ~ 15,000 Delivery Methods Summer Camp iPad App Robot Programming 12 week summer camp
Morning and afternoon sessions
Focus is on the basics of computer programming, using tools such as pseudocode, MIT Scratch or Alice
Sessions split between computer game development and robot programming
All equipment provided, just bring your curiosity Campers will learn to use pseudocode to manipulate objects on a screen
As skills progress, campers will learn to program basic games
Final project will be a fully functional game that the camper will be able to share with family and friends Gaming Robotics Lego's or Erector Sets will be used to build full motion programmable robots
Campers will learn the basic pseudocode skills required to program their robots to perform desired tasks
Campers will have the opportunity to display their new found talents by running their robots through an obstacle course Web based Learning Program Details Coding in the Real World Students can access video tutorials, interactive challenges and assessments from any computer with access to the web
A knowledge map shows the progress on different assignments and suggests the next skills to work on
The system generates problems and exercises for students based on skill level and performance Online tutoring is available to help students master their assignments
Interact with peers in real time Online tutoring A graphical programming editor designed to learn basic programming
Users can drag blocks together to build an application without typing
The App lets students create commands for the character to carry out; events like 'shake' or 'touch' can also be programmed Concept Basic Mode EngineZ Teaching Computer Programming to Kids Eduardo Crea
Karthik Krishnamurthy
Steve Polidan

MKTG712 - Fall 2012 Experiment several different commands
Shrink, grow, jump, move Advanced Mode Complete challenges
Different difficulty levels
Tasks include "repeat" actions Concept Maze Users drag blocks to build an application
Use Commands and Logic to resolve a maze Kids will learn to build and program robots to move backwards, forwards, sideways, spin and shoot objects at targets based on programs they design and write
Also, we plan to market the Robot Programming kit (Robot + Manual) in 1 retail Hobby Shop location in Greenville From “FIRST’s” beginning in 1992 with 28 teams in a New Hampshire school gym, to reaching close to 250,000 young people with the Annual FIRST Championship held in the EJ Dome in St. Louis, Missouri, FIRST has a rich history.
For 2013, “FIRST” has over 148 scholarship providers that are making available over 780 scholarship opportunities with a total value of over $16 Million! Target Objective: Train kids to participate in the “FIRST” LEGO LEAGUE Annual Robot competition The Future "Programming is the new literacy" Power will soon belong to those who can master a variety of expressive human-machine interactions
- Marc Prensky, Edutopia EngineZ - preparing your children for the digital world! "Computer programming has become one of the most underestimated directional tools of the global economy" Programming is everywhere, from smart phones and tablets to laptop computers and checkout counters
- Stephen Trigg, StreetDirectory.com "We are entering the decade of the developer" The current changes in IT are "shifting more of the power in the tech industry away from those who deploy and support apps to those who build them”
- Jason Hiner, techrepublic.com "Future of employment may rely on knowing how to code" Pretty much every company in the world understands it needs an online, social and mobile presence. The current talent pool is not even close to satisfying the demand. Companies will do anything to get a hold of (the good) developers -Ruti Polachek, WSJ-Market Watch.com
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