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The United Arab Emirates Society

No description

Diya Bera

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The United Arab Emirates Society

The Community
The family is the principal community in which the individual finds care and attention, and where relations and ties based on love and co-operation emerge among its members. These relations soon spread and extend to cover the other families forming the body of the United Arab Emirates' society. The community is a group of individuals living together in one place for a long period of time. Social relations arise among them and they have common interests and common goals.
Many years ago "The Emirates" community was made up of many Arab tribes who had come from different parts of the Arabian Peninsula.
These tribes originated from the Azd tribe who emigrated from Yemen after the collapse of Ma'rib Dam, or from the Adnani or Najarite tribes who emigrated from the central and northern regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Bani Yas, Al Quwassim, Al Manaseer and Al Dhawir are some of the important tribes.
United Arab Emirates Society

It is an Arab Muslim community. Islam has had a great influence on the lives of the individuals as well as the groups of this community. Arabic, which is the language of the Holy Qur'an, is the language in which the members of the community speak, read and write.
Characteristics of the U.A.E Society
The U.A.E society is a well-knit community whose members embrace the family and the tribe. These families and the tribes are tied to one another by strong relations based on accord, love and co-operation.
The U.A.E society observes customs and traditions which are still common among the families and tribe.
Relatives, neighbors and friends gather in the Majilis, which is annexed to every home, or in the open air, discussing different matters or chatting. The Majilis used to be a spacious hall, the floor of which was covered with mats made of palm leaves and fronds. Nowadays the building of the Majilis has developed. It is now furnished with easy chairs and cusions, and the floors are covered with carpets.
Many people still go on picnics in the desert, where they pitch tents and spend some time enjoying the fresh air and the greenery amid the desert.
The aspects of progress and development have spread widely with the investment of oil revenues. This progress has covered all walks of life in the U.A.E. society.
The United Arab Emirates Society
The use of the censer (Al- Mebkharah) is a custom originating in the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.
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