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The Truth

In the novel, Life of Pi, Yann Martel dramatizes the paradox that sometimes in order to tell the truth, one must tell a lie.

Jillian Clark

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Truth

THE TRUTH In the novel, Life of Pi, Yann Martel dramatizes the paradox that sometimes in order to tell the truth, one must tell a lie. What is the truth? "Thus set up, pen in hand, for the sake of the greater truth, I would turn Portugal into a fiction. That's what fiction is about, isn't it, the selective transforming of reality? The twisting of it to bring out its essence? What need did I have to go to Portugal?"

(Author's Note) Big Ideas:
* What is the Truth?
* The Truth vs The Better Story
* The Truth Behind The Improbable
- The Blind Frenchman
- The Algae Island
- Pi surviving 227 days
with Richard Parker
* Pi's Religion

Pi tells the Japanese Reporters Two stories, one is true, one contains fictional elements. All we can be sure of is which is the better story. Do people want the truth or the better story? There is no one whole truth: all truths are half truths Pi creates the image of the Blind Castaway in order to convey a larger truth. Pi's experience with the Blind man symbolizes Pi's journey and his move from a state of innocence to a state of experience. "Isn't telling about something- using words, English or Japanese - already something of an invention? Isn't just looking upon this world already something of an invention? " (p 335) Writing = Fiction = Truth? But I'm so confused! There's so many questions! What is truth?

Is fiction still truth?

How much factual truth is necessary to make something true?

Is the universal truth/message conveyed just as important as the factual truth?

And why is the truth so important anyways? Lies? Oh no. What is a lie?

If the facts are different, but the message is the same, is it still a lie?

Why do people lie?

Is lying wrong?

Why do people twist the truth? Stories:
* coping mechanism
* comprehension tool
* different versions Is the story untrue? If you have to dig a bit deeper, is the stroy untrue? The Truth Vs. The Better Story The definition of truth is different for everyone. "I don't care if it's not true, let's hear it." The Truth Behind the Improbable The Blind Frenchman IMPROBABLE, not impossible. Pi runs into another castaway - the Blind Frenchman Algae Island Pi Surviving 227 Days With Richard Parker Pi's Religion "Chloraphyll Heaven" “. . . light sweetness that outdid in delight even the sap of our maple trees here in Canada.” Pi and Richard Parker regain their strength The fruit on the island contains teeth.
The island is carnivorous. Scary fruit Is Algae Island real? Algae Island = Garden of Eden Set Sail! Depsite being raised in a "modern day family", Pi has chosen to practice religion. Hmm..which religion will I chose? "I just want to love God." Religion = Pi's survival on the lifeboat Universal truth, message conveyed and the ACT of loving God is more important than the facts of each religion. Pi spends a total of 227 days at sea with one of the most dangerous animals in the world, the Bengal Tiger. Pi is a tiger WHAAA? Richard Parker is symbolic of Pi's inner Id; the primal instinct of survival - the animalist side of Pi. Tiger = Orange = Hindu colour Lies can equal truth?
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