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FMD-Progressive Control Pathway

No description

Melissa McLaws

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of FMD-Progressive Control Pathway

Stage 2 Stage descriptions Background and Stage descriptions PCP-FMD Monitoring/Evaluation 4 issues 4. Non-prescriptive
Outcome-oriented, evidence based
Risk-based approach
Continuous monitoring of effectiveness PCP Principles Source: 2011 WRL Annual report To assist FMD-endemic countries to progressively reduce the impact of FMD and the load of FMD virus. FMD endemic countries Infrastructure, climate, size, density, culture.....
Veterinary services organization
Virus strains, control policies And similarities Lack access to important markets
Limited resources Factors associated with testing Positive in a calf W. Azerbaijan serosurvey: Multivariable model Background 5 Non-prescriptive Risk-based approach

Monitor effectiveness Stage 1 Risk assessment Putting it together: define high risk to focus limited resources Understanding Context Chris Bartels
Melissa McLaws Diversity Acknowledgements:

EuFMD - Keith Sumption and team
Giancarlo Ferrari
FAO FMD unit
OIE - Joseph Domenech and team
Colleagues from Veterinary Services in Iran & Turkey Risk management implement risk-based control measures such that impact of FMD is reduced in one or more sectors and/or in one or more zones to gain understanding of epidemiology of FMD in the country and developed a risk-based approach to reduce impact of FMD Stage 3 Progressive reduction in outbreak incidence followed by elimination of FMDvirus circulation in domestic animals in at least one zone of the country Stage 4 to maintain zero tolerance of FMD within the country / zone and eventually achieve OIE recognition of "FMD free with vaccination" Stage 5 to maintain zero tolerance of FMD within the country / zone and eventually achieve OIE recognition of "FMD free without vaccination" For implementation For impact on
FMD occurrence Monitoring and evaluation
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