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No description

jennifer joly

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of PPPSCRIPT

It was a cold, rainy night when I was called to the parking lot of Clara Barton High school. There before me laid a women with blond hair and a black dress.
Preserve Life
I donned on my gloves and proceeded to flash a flashlight into the victims blue pupils. When they did not dilate, I checked her pulse on her right arm to confirm my suspicions. She was dead.
(Picture, Sketch, & Notes)
I continued to do my job by pulling out my camera and taking pictures of the scene. I made sure not to step on anything while I took photographic evidence of the muddy footprint's,left on the parking lot floor, with a ruler besides it. I took notes on the the measurements and how the victim feel with her hand clenched to her chest. I also started to draw a rough sketched that contained everything within the crime scene, such as the body and cars, so that it can be processed into a final sketch by a professional.
Now I have to search the crime scene. I decided to use the Grid Search to search for small samples of evidence because the victim didn't have any wounds but I know there had to be something left behind by the criminal. As I searched, I found long strands of brown hair on the steps and fingerprints against a car door by the victim. Also one of my teammates found a note by the entry of the parking lot but was unable to read it because of its wetness.
Then it was time for me to collect the evidence. I put on gloves and got my forceps to collect the strands of hair. Then I used special tape to collect the fingerprint.

Protect Scene
As I continued to examine the body on the ground, and the area around her, I heard a voice yelling "Ms. Khavina". As the person attempted to get closer, they where stopped by the caution tap used to barricade the scene which could result in contaminating the area
I wrote everything down that I found with precise detailing. I also used the Chain of Custody, which is used as a log for evidence found and can ensures the physical security of samples, and data.
The Process Begins
By Jennifer Joly
I started to packed all evidence into there proper packaging to avoid damaging and contamination. I put the special tape that contained the finger prints into a manila envelop. Then, by using forceps, I put the strands of hair into a unbreakable container with a lid. And I placed the wet note into a plastic bag.
When I had all the evidence packaged properly, I then had them sent back to the lab and to there proper units, such as the Latent Fingerprint,Photology, and Documentation Examination unit, so that each piece of evidence could be tested accurately and by the right people.
As I gathered the evidence I made sure to ask questions such as " What is this?", and "Why is it important?". I knew that a(n) identity had to connect with each piece of . But the only way to find out is if all the evidence is analyze them so we can determine who it belongs to.
My teammates and I where finally finished with analyzing some the evidence from the crime scene. And because the medical examiner's where having a hard time examining the body, it was up us and the evidence to finger this mystery out. With the hair samples we discovered that it was a female who was at the scene, but not a teacher because none of the other samples fit. We also tested all other staff at the school but where left with the same results. So we turned to the students. We tested most of her students from her class on the first day but turned up with no results, until I got a call from the lab saying they had finally proceed the note that was found at the scene. It said "Austin scare strategy on teachers. " I was happy to have a new ground and told the detective. With this there where able to narrow down the search.
The detectives searched the name Austin to find that one of the students had that last names. The student name was Shajada Austin. When she was asked about her teacher, she looked nervous and ready to cry. It took not more than 5 minutes before she said " I didn't mean too." Apparently the student was going around the school trying to scare her teachers and Ms. Khavina was her last scare. She was told to stop, but couldnt help herself . The student had been playing with her hair waiting for Ms. Khavina to leave the school. And when she haired the exit door opening, she hide against a car next to her. She jumped out when the teacher was near. Ms. Khavina jump back and gave a shout but then clenched her chest and feel to the ground. The student, frighten, ran away and called the police using a pay phone.
The End
It was clear that the student did not mean to do any harm but was suspend from school for not listening. But it was still a mystery about the teachers death. It was the day week when I received a call from the Medical Examiner saying that the women had suffered a heart attack because of the greasy food she ate because it was free greasy food day and she could not stop eating.
It was sad to see a teacher go but now there is a stop on the parking lot where her body was found and free greasy food day had been banned from the world making people safe,happy, and health. And we can all thank ... MS. Khavina
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