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Freedom Riderd

No description

Kelly H.g

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Freedom Riderd

Who are the Freedom Riders?
The freedom riders were a group of 13 core members that had decided to go on Freedom rides. They would travel from the North to the South and ignore signs in segregated areas. The first freedom ride was started in May 4, 1961.
Along the trip
The freedom riders were off to the south. They were separated in two groups. One group of Riders was on a Trailways bus, and the other one was on the Greyhound.
When the first bus arrived to their destination they were met with an angry mob of people. They were thrown stuff at, called names, then a person managed to inflame the gas tank. The bus was on fire. The freedom riders manged to go outside safely but with thirst for water. Only a few people were kind enough to help them. The good thing was that there was no serious injuries and were able to continue with their trip.
Trail Ways In Trouble
The Trailways was going to the worst place where there was more racist people. The police new all the violsnce there was going to be, but they did nothing to help the freedom riders. The riders after the attack had ended their first Freedom Ride.
2nd Freedom Ride
When the riders had started their second freedom ride they
Segregation in buses becomes Illegal.
Freedom Riders
Freedom Rides
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