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Poem Analysis

By Millie Landis

millie landis

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Poem Analysis

By Millie Landis Poetry Analysis Brown and furry
caterpillar in a hurry
Take your walk
to the shady leaf or stalk

May no toad spy you,
let the little birds pass by you
spin and die
to live again a butterfly
-Christina Georgina Rossetti The Caterpillar's Meaning After I read the poem The Caterpillar by Christina Georgina Rossetti, I became aware that it isn't just a poem about a caterpillar, but it has a deeper meaning. I think this meaning is telling us to fulfill our job in life, and then we will go to heaven to be a butterfly, metaphoricly. The Caterpillar Figurative Language the figurative language in The Caterpillar is personification. A caterpillar can't "take a walk" like a human Reflection: My reflection to The Caterpillar, is that I think about it. Does the caterpillar do anything else in life than spin? Why would he/she become a butterfly for just spinning. Or maybe the caterpillar never did anything wrong in life, but never did anything heroic or great. Does that deserve to become a butterfly for? I think it does. Christina Georgina Rossetti Christina Georgina Rossetti grew up in nineteenth century England. She was one of the most important woman poetics in history. She often wrote poems that are funny, but have much deeper meanings when thought about them carefully. Her brother enjoyed to draw her, in very careful detail. These drawings show she was very pretty. Her family was incredably poor, and in an attempt to raise a little more money for the family, Christina's mother tried to start a day school. Unfortunetely, it didn't work out. Dispite her awful childhood, she grew up writing poetry, that to this day is enjoyed by many people.

www.victorianweb.org Sound Effect rhyme scheme: a rhyming pattern in poems "take your walk,

to the shady leaf or stalk" This rhyme scheme helps
a poem because it is more enjoyable to read and hear. personification: when a non-
human object is given human characteristics.
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