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Newtons Laws of Motion in Volleyball

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Olivia Carlson

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Newtons Laws of Motion in Volleyball

Newtons Laws of Motion in Volleyball
Second law
The video is showing the law by hitting the ball which
is mass and hitting it forcefully over the net.
Third Law
When you use force it has a reaction, but comes the opposite way and has equal force.
Topic 4
Topic 5
A example of friction would be when your pancaking on the ground to bump the volleyball up. The friction is when sliding on the ground to receive the ball.
Inertia & Mass
A volleyball player using the first law is when serving. She is hitting the ball with force to get it over the net. If she's using little force the ball doesn't go anywhere. If she uses a lot of force the ball goes far.
Special olympics volleyball serve!
A example of inertia and mass in volleyball is spiking. You can either hit the ball (mass) with little force or a lot of force.
First law
Newtons first law of motion states that when an object is at rest it stays in rest and a object in motion stays in motion.
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
An example of balanced forces is blocking from each side of the net. They each have equal force coming from both sides. Unbalanced force would be volley because the ball is moving back and forth.
The bigger the mass the more force it'll need to move the object.
Example of Acceleration,mass and force:
Bumping shows the law
by stopping the serve
with force and you pop it
up to the setter again.
Serving uses acceleration by all the
force you use when you direct the ball
in your direction and then hit it.
Blocking shows the law by having
equal amount force from each
opponent on the net.
Setting shows the law by having the ball coming to your fingertips then reacts and goes up in the air which is other direction
Action/Reaction force
Bumping when the ball
hits your arms it reacts
and pops up in the air.
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