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Take The Advice

No description

carolina mendoza

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Take The Advice

Take The Advice
Friends in school
*things may get bad if u follow there bad habbits
*they might get you introble
*the best thing to do is just move on and find a new friend
*friends are important
*make heathly friendships
Teachers in school
*lisen to them!
*do your work and don't make problems
*treat them with respect
Home work
They will respect you to
*do it or sufer the consequenses
*if you make a mistake with home work fix it as soon as possibole
*Pay attention in class all the time!
*stay focused and don"t get destracted
*take your time
its not easy
Be a good leader and a better student
*Never take control
*Always be positive
*always have good behavior
*ask questions
*avoid the drama
work together
School activities
*have fun
*become an athlete
*get a musical insperation
*never give up on what u want to do
Phones/social network
*don't use or touch them unless a teacher lets you
*turn them off during school
*get away from the drama
*try not to get any apps like :Instagram,Facebook etc.
Drama/rumors in school
*if there's a rumor don't keep spreading it
*move along from it
*ignore it
*don't belive them
rumors and drama
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