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Doon Po Sa Amin: Binubuhay Ang Mga Banal

(Celebrating Maytinis Festival)

Chekumi 24

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Doon Po Sa Amin: Binubuhay Ang Mga Banal

Doon Po Sa Amin:
Binubuhay Ang Mga Banal
(Celebrating Maytinis Festival)
Kawit's History
History of
Maytinis Festival
The Parish of
St. Mary Magdalene
Adam and Eve
La Purisima Concepcion
Noah’s Ark
The “Immaculada Concepcion” or the Immaculate Concepcion, according to the Roman Catholic doctrine, is a term correlated to Mary's purity from sins since birth. God freed her from sins for she will conceive His Son. In commemoration with this, eight of December was declared as a universal feast in 1478 by Pope Sixto IV.
David and Goliath
King Solomon
Solomon ordered not to kill the child and give it to the first woman, for she is the real mother. Word spread about this and Solomon was thereafter known and respected for his wisdom.
One day, two women approached King Solomon, both claiming to be the mother of the child. The king ordered to slice the baby in two, however, one woman cried out.
She begged him to spare the baby and to just give it to the other woman . The other simply agreed to the king’s order.
Ruth and Naomi
Samson and Delilah
Infanta Judith
She gave her slave woman a leather bag of wine and a jar of oil to carry. She filled the bag with food and dishes. Then the two left the house and went off to the camp of Holofernes. As they were walking through the valley., an Assyrian patrol met them. They were arrested and questioned. She said she was on her way to see Holofernes to give him some reliable information. The men stared at her astonishing beauty. They were convinced and so a hundred men escorted her to the headquarters of Holofernes.
Queen Esther
God’s Promise to Zechariah
The Annunciation
The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
"Inang Pilipinas"
Photo by Dorling Kindersley
Photo by Peter Dennis
Photo by Giovanni Demin
Photo by Antoon Claeissens
Photo Credit: Gobekli Tepe
God was delighted with his creation. Beneath its brilliance, the tree of knowledge lies within. He warned Adam to neither eat nor touch its fruit for its heavy consequence.
One day, Satan disguised as a serpent and entered the Garden of Eden and persuaded Eve into eating the fruit from the tree of Knowledge. Afterwards, she convinced Adam to eat as well. After eating the fruit, they realized that they were naked and covered themselves with leaves.
When they sensed God’s presence, Adam and Eve hid themselves behind the trees. God asked “Who told you that you are naked? Had you eaten the forbidden fruit?”. Adam unhesitatingly pointed to Eve. From then on, they were banished from the Garden of Eden because they disobeyed God. In order to save mankind, God sacrificed His only begotten Son to carry our sins and to protect us from the evil.
Photo Credits to Lucas Cranach
When man began to multiply on the face of the earth, God saw the growing wickedness of man. Noah was the only man who believed in God. He commanded Noah to build an ark. God made a covenant that Noah and his family shall come into the ark. And every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort to keep them alive and they shall be male and female.
The waters prevailed upon the earth for one hundred and fifty days and when the waters subsided, the Ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. He sent forth a raven to and fro until the waters dried up and a dove to see if the waters were abated from the face of the ground. The dove returned with an olive leaf in her mouth.
After a week, he again let the dove fly away but it did not return this time. Noah and his family went forth out of the ark as well as the beasts. They built an altar and offered burnt offerings. God was delighted and said to his heart that He will never again flood the Earth and that he would bring a rainbow in the clouds to remember the everlasting covenant between God and living creature.
Many years after the death of Joseph, the Israelites faced cruelty in Egypt when a new king was reined. The king gave out an order that every baby boy of the Israelites shall be thrown into the river. A maiden gave birth to a beautiful boy and kept it at home for three months and when she could no longer hide him, she kept him in a basket and left him on the riverbank with his sister, Miriam. The king’s daughter saw the baby and felt sorry for him. The sister called their mother and told the princess that she would nurse the baby and she agreed and was paid. When the baby grew up, the princess, adopted him and named him Moses.
Book sources
Chit Arnan- Sambile (2011), Maytinis 2011 Booklet. Office of Tourism of Kawit, Cavite

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Photo Credits to Charles Joseph Natoire
Saul and his soldiers were fighting against their enemies when Goliath, a nine feet tall giant appeared and challenged the soldiers on a one on one battle. Whoever lose will be the slave of the other. One day, a young shepherd named David visited his siblings and heard about Goliath. Saul gave his armor to David but he couldn’t walk because of its weight so he took it all off, instead, he took his shepherd’s stick and picked up five smooth stream stones and kept them together with his sling. When he faced Goliath, he had no fear and with his sling, launched a stone right to Goliath’s head and Goliath fell and David killed him. Afterwards, King Saul and his soldiers celebrated David’s victory.
Elimech, his wife, Naomi and their two sons moved two Moab where the sons married Orpah and Ruth and where Elimech and his two sons died. Sometime later Naomi and her daughters-in-law decided to go to Judah and on their way, Naomi told them to go home. Orpah agreed after a sad farewell but Ruth stayed by Naomi. In Bethlehem, Booz, a field owner, saw Ruth and helped her because he admired her faith in God and whatever Ruth received from Booz, she’d take home to Naomi. Ruth always came to Booz’s field and he later on fell in love with her and married her and had a son.
Samson was no ordinary man; no man could ever beat him in battle. Delilah, his lover, wondered where this astonishing strength came from and kept asking him and finally, he told her that God chose him and that once his hair is cut, he would weaken like a normal human. Blinded by greed, she told Samson’s secret to the Philistines in exchange for money. The leaders and Delilah schemed to cut Samson’s hair. Samson was captured, his eyes were taken out and he was imprisoned and he prayed to God until his hair grew longer. One day, the Philistines were celebrating the feast of their god and tied Samson to two posts. Samson prayed to God to give him strength to tear down the building. God granted his wish and the structure collapsed and everyone including Samson died and he was buried together with his father’s grave.
God called Abraham and told him to take Isaac and go to the land of Moriah and offer him as a sacrifice. Though Abraham loved his son very much, he obeyed God and took his son with him. When they reached Moriah, Abraham laid Isaac down and tied him up on the altar. When he was about to stab the child, an angel stopped him and told him that he reassured God of his faith and a lamb appeared for him to offer instead of his son. The angel disappeared but spoke once more that because he did not keep his only son from God, he and his people shall be blessed.
Kawit is the oldest municipality in Cavite, founded by the Spaniards in 1587 and was named old Cavite or “Cavite El Viejo.” The town served as the first anchorage of the Spaniards’ spread of Christianity throughout Cavite. On September 20, 1908, the Philippine Commission approved Act No. 1718 changing its name to Kawit, derived from the word kawit, meaning “hook” from the hook-shaped shoreline of Manila to the Sangley point of Cavite City. The history of Kawit is the story of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo who led the revolutionists to first defeat the Spaniards. Once he was elected president, he proclaimed the Philippine Independence at the balcony of his mansion on June 12, 1898. Kawit is known as where the country’s independence was proclaimed. Other generals of the revolution from Kawit are Candido Tri Tirona, Baldomero Aguinaldo, Tomas Mascardo and Gregoria Montoya.
St. Mary Magdalene Church was built in 1624 and is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. St. Mary Magdalene is the patron saint of Kawit. The religiosity of the Kawiteños is deeply manifested through their fiestas, caracol, processions, and most especially, the Maytinis Festival, a Christmas Eve event that has become a tourist attraction.
Esther was a beautiful girl taken in by her cousin, Mardocheo when her parents died and taught her about God. She grew up to be a beautiful lady and was chosen to be the king’s wife. They lived together but she never forgot her cousin and the Lord. Once, Mardocheo came, begging for help for he was tricked to announce a death penalty upon Israelites. Esther was nervous to see the king and for two days, Esther and the Israelites prayed to God. On the third day, Esther wore her best dress and golden crown and spoke to the king and confessed that she was an Israelite and the king ordered Aman, who tricked Mardochreo, to death. Mardocheo became one of the king’s men and the people were saved.
The Book of Judith depicts a time when the Jewish were under siege by an enemy army. Judith is a religious widow who always obeys God and she turned to God to help her rescue her nation by killing Holofernes. The Assyrian army was to strong and at that time, Judith heard Uzziah’s decision to surrender in five days so she convinced them to entrust Jerusalem to her. After praying to God to help her, she dressed herself in fine clothes, brushed her hair, and but on rich perfumes. She and a slave went off to the camp of Holofernes. On their way, they were spotted by the police and questioned but the soldiers were astonished by her beauty and escorted her to meet Holofernes. The Assyrians held a banquet and afterwards, Judith was alone with the drunken Holofernes. She beheaded him and placed his head in the bag of food.
Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth lived happily with much faith in God. Only one thing saddened them, they had no children. They would often pray but they were never granted a child and now, they were too old. When Zechariah was burning incense, an angel appeared and told him the good news, that they will be given a son, who will become a great messenger of God. Zechariah questioned the angel and was punished to be mute for only a while. Afterwards, Elizabeth got pregnant, and the couple happily waited for their son.
In the city of Nazareth lived a maiden named Mary, engaged to Joseph, a mere carpenter. One day, God sent angel Gabriel to Mary and informed him that she will soon give birth to a son that she will name Jesus who shall become King. Mary asked how it was possible and the angel told her it was God’s blessing and she didn’t doubt any longer. Mary believed the angel and prepared herself for this blessing. She gladly accepted becoming the Mother of God’s Child and so the angel left.
Mary hurried to Judah and when she arrived in the house of Zechariah, she greeted her cousin. When Elizabeth heard this, the child in her womb moved and greeted with complete joy. And according to Christian faith, at that moment, the child, John the Baptist, was cleansed of the original sin. Through this biblical event, the Church created the simple yet beautiful prayer entitled “Hail Mary.”Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. There, Jesus was born in a stable. The night He was born, shepherds were guarding their herds when a light appeared and suddenly everything turned bright and an angel appeared to proclaim the birth of Christ. Afterwards, the angel went back to heaven and the shepherds agreed to see the child. They praised and thanked the Lord God and spread the good news to everyone.
The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. God probably chose the Philippines to spread the Word of the Lord to our neighboring countries in Asia. We cannot deny the fact that the best inheritance the Spaniards left us is the Christian religion. When the first mass was celebrated in Limasawa, our lands, thirsty for blessings of God were watered. The cross created by Magellan became the symbol of the native Filipinos’ acceptance of the Catholic religion and the offering of the Sto. Niño to the first baptized Filipinos in the island of Cebu became a historical event that served as the pillar of the Philippines and Asia’s embrace of the Catholic religion. The Philippines became the First Republic founded in Asia-“The Pearl of the Orient”(Ang Perlas ng Silanganan) Las Islas Filipinas Pueblo Amane de Maria! The only South East Asian race to have a special and unique devotion and love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Maytinis is very mysterious because no one can tell the actual date and place where the tradition began. Even Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo himself knows not of the beginning of the said festival.
The Maytinis became a tourist attraction and was afterwards used as a tool of salvation after much discussion by Bishop Perez, D.D. of the Diocese of Imus, Msgr. Hernando Godoy, Rev. Fr. Tony Roxas, Rev. Fr. Jimmy Catipay and other religious leaders. The citizens built the floats portraying certain biblical stories from the Old Testament. Some floats like Talang Maliwanag, Divina Pastora, Siete Archangeles and Rosa Mistica have been replaced throughout the years by floats of women chosen by God such as Propeta Amos, Abraham, Infanta Judith and Reyna Ester. With continuous guidance of the parish and through seminars and prayer meetings, the citizens of Kawit have developed full understanding about the festival.
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