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Into The Wild: Chapter 18

For: Mr. Murray, English 3, Pd: 3

Breanna Rose

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Into The Wild: Chapter 18

Concept One: Chapter Overview
Concept 2: Epigraph
Concept 3: Quotation
Concept 4: Literary Analysis
Was Chris a transcendentalist?
Chris was a transcendentalist. Chris went into the wild to find himself by depending on nature to help him. Even though he went back and forth between the wild and society but, Chris spent a great amount of time in the wild than in society since he left for his trip.
The End
Into The Wild
Chapter 18
Towards the beginning of Chapter eighteen Chris was attempting to depart the wilderness. This event was important because it shows that Chris was ready to leave the wild in order to get back to civilization.
Then in late July, Chris made a mistake that pulled him down. This event is important because this mistake ended up costing Chris his life.
Next, Chris finished reading Doctor Zhivago, a book that incited him to write down notes in the margins and underline several passages. Doctor Zhivago was the last book that he read before he died. By Chris reading Doctor Zhivago, it made him end up changing and regretting his decision of going into the wild.
Then, from eating moldy potato seeds, Chris became extremely weak.
Later in this chapter Krakauer finds out that Chris McCandless ended up dying from eating the moldy potato seeds.
On August 5th Chris wrote in his journal "Day 100! Made it!" This is important because it shows that Chris accomplished getting to day one hundred in the wild.
Lastly, Chris took a picture of himself by the bus, which is important because it is the last picture of him before he died.
Chris McCandless died on August 18, 1992.
He was arrogant and stubborn in the beginning of this book.
He started out want to go into the wild and live off of the land.
But, in this chapter Chris was trying to leave the wild.
This shows that Chris was a dynamic character because he changed from the beginning of the book to the end.
The setting was on the Stampede Trail, near the abandoned bus.
The physical setting was critical to the chapter because it was life or death for Chris.

The physical setting made it hard for Chris to hunt and leave the wild.
The central theme for chapter eighteen is life is never easy.
Chris McCandless's mistaken decision of eating the moldy potato seeds cost him his life
His lack of common sense made his last remaining days excruiating.
Chris McCandless
"It is nearly impossible for modern man to imagine what it is like to live by hunting. The life of a hunter is one hard, seemingly continuous overland travel....A life of frequent concerns that the next interception may not work, that the trap or the drive will fail, or that the herds will not appear this season. Above all, the life of a huntr carries with it the threat of deprivationg and death by starvation."

John M. Campbell,
The Hungry Summer
The epigraphs meaning?
It portrays that Chris is living the life of a hunter. he is also living a life of many concerns. The life of a hunter is threatened with death.
"But in the weakest condition of life. death looms as serious threat. Too weak to walk out, have literally become TRAPPED in the wild.- NO GAME."-page 195-Chris McCandless's August 5th journal entry.
Quote Relevance
I interpreted this quote to mean that Chris doesn't think going into the wild is a game. Also, Chris should have been prepared before he went into the wild. This quote is also relevant because it gives the readers a new perspective on what Chris McCandless was thinking.
Selection of Quote
I chose this quote because it made me think that Chris had changed. Also, the quote was selected to show that Chris was serious about going into the wild not being a game. This quote shows the consequences for not being prepared before going into the wild.
Quote Connection to Theme
This quote connects to the central theme of life is never easy. The quote is all about Chris in his weakest moment of his life. The quote is also about Chris being close to death and being too weak to walk out. Also, Chris can't get out because he was literally trapped in the wild. This shows that towards the end of his life it was never easy for him.
Nonfiction writing techniques
Chris McCandless's notes from in the Doctor Zhivago book
Why Krakauer chose to include Chris's notes from the Doctor Zhivago book?
How this item impacted the book and the story of Chris?
How the information relates to the events that transpired?
Krakauer chose to include this in order for the reader to know what Chris was thinking. The notes gave the reader the insight that Chris had changed. The notes that Chris wrote in this book impacts the book and the story of Chris McCandless because his notes were about happiness and nature. This information is related to the events that happened because Chris was just trying to get out of the wild before he ended up finishing reading the Doctor Zhvago Book.
Facts and research about what actually killed Chris McCandless
Krakauer chose to include this nonfiction writing technique to inform the reader of what actually killed Chris McCandless. His use of the facts and research impacted the book and the story of Chris McCandless because it tells the readers the reason why Chris McCandless ended up dying in the wild. This information is related to the events that happened in this chapter because the facts and research showed that Chris died from eating the moldy potato seeds
Concept 5: Reaction
Krakauer's use of the epigraph
The first epigraph was appropriate for thr events that happened in chapter eighteen. The epigraph was basically a summary of what happened in this chapter.
Krakauer's use of nonfiction writing techniques
Krakauer's use of nonfiction writing techniques were useful in the discovery of the story of Chris McCandless. The use of the writing techniques helped the readers get a better understanding of what Chris was thinking, doing, and his conditions.
Krakauer's use of illogical order
The use of illogical order did cause some confusion but, I could understand why he did it.
I feel like Krakauer wanted the readers to keep on reading the book over and over again to fully understand if you didn't the first time. It also makes the readers pay more attention to details to keep track of whats going on.
Do you agree with the native Alaskans that Chris McCandless was an idiot?
I do no not agree that Chris was an idiot. Chris was a smart guy, everyone that knew him said he was intelligent. Chris's problem was that he was very stubborn which led to some mistakes but really? who hasn't made mistakes in their life? Its part of living.
Sympathy for Chris?
I had no sympathy for Chris. I did have some sympathy for his family. Chris ended up dying happy, therefore, there is no need for sympathy.
What would you do differently?
I would do nothing differently. Good job Krakauer.
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