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atmosphere presentation

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sam hansen

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of atmosphere presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea atmosphere presentation We live in the lower or innner of earths atmosphere. troposhpere is the inner of earths atmosphere, and is where earths weather occurs. Stratoshpere is 50 km. above the troposhpere. Stratoshhere is the second layer and contains the ozone layer. Mesoshpere is the third layer of the atmosphere! Mesoshphere is the third layer of the atmosphere that protects earths surface from being hit by most meteoriods. Near the top of the atmoshpere air is very thin, 8 km above earth. The outer most layer of the atmosphere is the thermoshhere. There is high temps in thermoshpere. The troposphere is 0-12 km above earths atmosphere. Rain, smow, storms, and most clouds occur in the troposphere. The atratosphere is 12-50km above earths surface. The stratosphere absorbs ultraviliot radiation. Mesosphere is 50-80km above earths surface. Thermosphere is 80 km and higher froms earths surface. Thermosphere has no definite outer limit. Exosphere is 400km and higher than earths surface. Troposphere Stratophere!> Thermosphere. Time to make a list to pack for the troposphere... To enter the troposhphere you will need to pack.. an umbrella (incase it rains), winter gear incase it starts to snow,sunglasses (the sun can be very bright), and also you will need some hiking shoes because there is alot of hills and it will hust your feet if you dont have the right footwear! To enter the stratosphere you will need, glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays, and also you willl need an oxygen mask because the air is very thin the higher you get! In the thermosphere, the northern lights occur. In the mesosphere you will need to wear a hard hat so if you get bumped around it doent hurt your head.
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