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EDPD - Amy presentation

A review of our process as a group of how we think Amy should be supported as a new teachers

Mitchell Peacock

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of EDPD - Amy presentation

Teaching Matters MEETING AMY
-How do we to approach the assignment:
(Individually and Collaboratively)
- Code of conducts developed
- KWL Charts
- Resources
- How will we present this information to assist Amy in the teaching domain? KWL CHARTS GROUP CHALLENGES What we know? - Differencing in opinion
- Individual approach to Magazine layout
- Formatting of resources THINGS WE WOULD DO NEXT TIME - Have a clear understanding of Magazine layout initially so resources can be made accordingly
- Allow more time for collation and development of resources RESOURCES The beginning teachers survival guide. Overview - Meeting Amy
- Thought Process
-Code Of Conducts
-KWL Charts
- Resources
- Final Product
- Challenges - How would we feel in her shoes? Empathetic?
- What would our role be in helping her with her development as a teacher?
- What resources and information can we provide to help Amy overcome her issues? Our First Impression Thought Processes Individual - Code of Conducts - Individual
- Group
*Distribution of work load
* Commitment to the group
*Conflict Resolution Procedures
*Roles & Responsibilities Roles & Responsibilities 1. Team Leader/ Communicator Sarah
2. Minute Men Bree & Erin
3. Printer Wiz Bree & Erin
4. Meeting Organiser Mitchell & Erin
5. Research Guru The A Team
6. Grammar Police Bree & Sarah
7. IT Specialist Mitchell & Sarah
8. Creativity Officer Mitchell & Sarah
9. Presentation Technician Mitchell & Erin
10. Resource Manager/Process Folder Manager Bree & Erin What are the issues concerning Amy ? What we want to know? What questions must we ask to find solutions to Amy's problems ? How can we find out? What resources eg: books, websites will provide us with the information to help Amy? How Did We Achieve This Regular meetings (2-3 times a week)
Extensive research of topic
Respect for one another opinions and decisions
The opportunity to scaffold our learning
Putting ourselves in Amy's position Resources found on a weekly basis
Resource allocated to suit personal strengths and knowledge of topic
Resources were combined and ready for collaborative review
How are we going to present our resources? TEACHING MATTERS The consultants group A magazine to address issues new teachers may experience in the classroom and school environment Knowing your school
Knowing you students
Building Relationships
Classroom Management
Teaching and Learning Styles
The curriculum
Laws and Regulations By Erin Stephens, Breeana Powell,

Our final product we have developed
to assist Amy is a magazine that addresses all
the issues that will assist Amy in becoming
a more confident and equipped teacher
for the future.
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