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Political Socialization

No description

Ryan Burge

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Political Socialization

According to a 1999 Gallup Poll,
20% of Americans think the Earth
is the center of the universe Are Americans Stupid? The average American believes
that the U.S. spends 25% of the
total budget on foreign aid 49% of Americans know there
are 9 Supreme Court justices,
46% can name one 42% of Americans can name
the three branches of government.
78% can name The Three Stooges One third of young adults
can identify the United Kingdom
on a map In 2010, 42% of Americans
could not name the Vice President 27% of respondents knew that federal
spending for NPR was <1% of the
total federal budget. 7% believed it was
over 50%. The American Political Culture Free speech should be allowed, no matter how unpopular
A party that wins election should be allowed to be criticized by the opposition
Forcing people to testify against themselves is wrong
Politicians would abuse their power if not watched by the voters A minority family should be able to move in to any neighborhood
Society should do whatever it takes to ensure that individual have an equal opportunity to succeed
Children should have equal education opportunities Why does American Democracy Endure? Joiners or Loners? Equality of Condition
Equality of Opportunity A Tolerant Nation? "We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation. Liberal vs. Conservative Political Socialization Wheres does our ideology come from? Electoral Divides How do we participate? Is Voting Rational? Pr(V) = PB - C Perceived Benefit Cost Utility Maximization Bounded Rationality Should We Care about Turnout? Elite Democracy vs. Popular Democracy Impediments to Voting Voting on a Workday Voter Registration Does your Vote Count? Different Electoral Standards FPTP vs. PR Conservative Liberal Liberal Conservative Economic Social Republican Democrat Libertarian Populist Small Business
Large Corporation 1. Joint Stock Ownership
2. Limited Liability
3. Continuous Legal Identity Corporate Personhood Corporations = People
People = Free Speech
Money = Speech Shareholder Democracy? Globalization Labor Unions 23% of Americans have no savings
60% of workers have <$25k in retirement
14.6% have > 50k in retirement Decline in Civil Society? Candidate Centered
Party Centered 2010 Jan. - Sept. 2012 2011 Goal: Become a Viable Candidate 1. Why should you be president?
2. Visit New Hampshire and Iowa
3. Build Donor List Goal: Build a staff, achieve name recognition 1. Establish exploratory committee
2. Fundraise in 20 states
3. Plan primary strategy Goal: Win the Nomination 1. Win or take second in Iowa/NH
2. Win on Super Tuesday
3. Dominate convention planning
4. Choose Vice Presidential candidate Sept. - Nov. 2012 Goal: Win 270 Electoral Votes 1. Choose to take public money or not
2. Choose target states to focus on
3. Stick with the script
4. Mobilize voters
5. Avoid scandal Campaign Rule No. 1- It's All about the Candidate
Campaign Rule No. 2 - Position Yourself Carefully
Campaign Rule No. 3 - Raise Lots of Money Campaign Finance Laws Hard Money vs Soft Money 527's 1. Evidence of links between Iraq and al Qaeda have been found
2. Weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq
3. World public opinion favored the US going to war with Iraq Agenda Setting The Revolving Door
Rolodex Syndrome Framing:
Death Tax vs. Estate Tax

Pro Life vs Pro Choice Signing Petitions,
Writing Letters Peaceful
Demonstrations Strikes,
Boycotts Disruptive
Protests Civil
Disobedience Riots Revolution Legal Illegal Necessary Ingredients 1. Relative Deprivation 2. Social Resources 3. An appealing moral cause 4. Consciouness Raising 5. Transformational Leadership Elite vs Popular Democracy 1. Goals are utopian, not practical
2. Lack programs for reform
3. People are manipulated
4. Not focused on the general welfare 1. Country was born through protest
2. Participation is good for democracy
3. Have to force elite's hand Religious Right
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