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JonBenet Ramsey,by;Dianna,Jojo

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of JonBenet Ramsey,by;Dianna,Jojo

JonBenet Ramsey,by;Dianna,Jojo
what is the mystery?
Its on the unsolved mystery list because its been 21 years and they haven't found her killer.She was killed in her own home,no one has been charged with her murder.
where/when does it take place
where: In Boulder, Colorado
When: December 25,1996
Different viewpoints?
A posibilty it was the electrian{male} The house keeper{female} The school teacher{male}
What is your theory?
Joanna and I think it was the electrician because it has access to the whole house an he was probably upset because maybe he wasn't getting paid enough.

websites used:CNN.com
How was she killed?
She was hit the head with a train toy and then factured her head.
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