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Junior Cycle Personal Essay

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Junior Cycle Personal Essay

Personal Writing
A Personal Essay

Learning Intention:

To examine an essay which uses a personal narrative view
Objective: By the end of class you will be able to list what makes a personal essay personal and persuasive.

You will then begin to model these techniques in an essay of your own.
The Personal Essay
Personal essays explore some part of the world in an enjoyable or interesting way.
These essays are usually
and allow you to
describe your own experiences and feelings
The titles vary greatly.
The important thing is that a strong sense of the first person should be present.
So what makes a successful essay?
Something you feel strongly about and
your own personal experiences.
Top tips
1. You are asking the reader to come into your world and see what you see -
Top tips
5. Place value in your own story, what you have to say is interesting, so make sure it follows a
logical, coherent order.
Personal essays will include a variety of language types,
, informative, argument and of course first person
The opening is the "hook" you use to get your reader's attention. For example, you might start with
a question - "When was the last time you cried?"
a single word - to focus the reader's attention.
a quotation - it doesn't even have to be a famous one.
A personal essay offers your perspective. The personal essay has to move the reader.
If I feel nothing after reading it, then it hasn't been successful.
2. Find a voice to articulate your experiences - use
and varied language to create a style of writing that is your own.
3. Equip yourself with quotes you might use - song lyrics, writers, actors, celebrities (not Miley Cyrus, please.) grannys, grandas etc.
4. Use personal anecdotes -
or experiences to illustrate a point.
6. This means you must PLAN, one clear idea in each paragraph.
7. Use the
FIVE SENSES to describe - always
8. Use techniques when writing -
imagery, quotes, rhetorical questions, hyperbole, anecdotes, facts, statistics, repetition.
9. As long as you are not a fictional narrator your piece will sound sincere.
The techniques (repetition, rhetorical questions, quotes etc.) used in the personal essay are also relevant in
speech writing
writing an article
single text, poetry etc.
Writing from the perspective of a Junior Cycle student.
What is theme?
What is our chosen theme for the novel?
What is our studied novel?
Who is the author?
What other genre/type of essay have we written?
What does courage mean to you?
Each example you give from experience is an anecdote. They work like quotes and provide evidence and make your point more convincing.
Personal Essay
Due Friday 11th November 2.30pm
What courage means to me.
2-3 A4 pages
6 paragraphs
4 Points/Paragraphs/Developed
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