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Qualtrics prezi

ppt to prezi

Shea Stori

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Qualtrics prezi

Qualtrics – Think Simple.
Explore the “5 Steps to Qualtrics” before starting on your survey building.
Step 1) Creating, Distributing, Viewing
Step 2) Basic Survey Building Activity
Step 3) Best Practices: tips to writing better questions
Step 4) Advanced Editing: customize the survey experience
Step 5) Advanced Survey Building Activity: how to enhance and customize the survey experience

First things first…
Choose to create your own survey
Open w/Descriptive
Explain survey & then add IRB
More explanation next slide….

E.G. This has been approved...by completing this survey you are giving your consent
After exploring…Start by:
Give a sense of importance and a sense that the students’ responses are needed and will make a difference with their response(put value on their response)
Answer these questions/inform your respondents the importance of the survey:
What is this survey for?
Why are you doing this survey?
How long will the survey take to complete?

**The body can reflect the intro of the survey.
The Content w/in the Introduction should:
What types of questions will you ask?
How will you have the student answer them?
What kind of logic (if any) will you add?
Does your logic and questions flow?
Choose a consistent and easy to read font/style.

Best practices: Keep it simple. Don't use too many types of questions and answers.

***Provide a catchy subject line. It is important to grab the attention right away!
Enable back button
Will you allow students to go back to the previous page ?
By invitation only for those taking survey
This could also be done when the email is sent out because the email will contain the link to the survey
Survey expiration
Specify how long you want the survey to be available
Inform the respondents when the survey will close
Activate a survey and specify expiration when in SURVEY OPTIONS
USE SPELL CHECK and preview survey
Survey Options:
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