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The Interlopers

Mind Map

Andreas Avramidis

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of The Interlopers

The Interlopers
"In a forest of mixed growth somewhere on the eastern spurs of the Carpathians..." (Saki 33)
This quote says that the story takes place in the Carpathian mountain range. These mountains stretch from Romania to Poland. The land that Georg and Ulrich are fighting over is located in these mountains.
"... Ulrich von Gradwitz patrolled the dark forest..." (Saki 33)
"If there was a man in the world whom he detested and wished ill to it was Georg Znaeym" (Saki 34)
These quotes show the two primary characters: Ulritch van Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym. In the beginning of the story, they are protagonists and antagonists to each other. They both become the protagonists when they become friends and the wolves become the antagonists.
"'My men had orders to follow in ten minutes time...'" (Saki 35)
This quote shows the secondary characters who are Ulrich and Georg's men who came to help them.
"'We fight this quarrel out to the death, you and I...'" (Saki 35)
This quote shows that the conflict in the beginning was Person vs. Person because Georg and Ulrich hated each other.

" Ulrich was silent for a few minutes, and lay listening to the weary screeching of the wind. An idea was slowly forming and growing in his brain..." (Saki 36)
This quote shows that the story is narrated in third person limited because it shows the thoughts and feelings of just Ulrich and not Georg.
"...the narrow strip of precipitous woodland that lay on its outskirt was not remarkable... but it was the most jealously guarded of all its owner's territorial possessions. (Saki 33)
This quote indicates that the two main characters, Georg and Ulrich, are fighting over a piece of forest that borders their properties.
"I never thought to have wanted to do other than hate you all my life, but I think I have changed my mind about things too, this last half-hour" (Saki 37)
This quote shows that in the end Georg and Ulrich become friends. The theme of the story is that a time of peril brings out the best in people.
" A famous law suit, in the days of his grandfather... and a long series of poaching affrays and similar scandals had embittered the relationships between the families for three generations." (Saki 33)
This quote explains the land dispute between Ulrich and Georg's grandfathers that started the feud between the two families.
Point of View
Literary Devices
"...a deed of Nature's own violence overwhelmed them both" (Saki 34)
The second quote shows that the conflict became Person vs. Nature. This happens when the storm breaks a branch and it falls on them.
"The roebuck, which usually kept in the sheltered hollows during a storm-wind, were running like driven things to-night, and there was movement and unrest among the creatures that were wont to sleep through the dark hours. Assuredly there was a disturbing element in the forest, and Ulrich could guess the quarter from whence it came" (Saki 33)
This quote is an example of foreshadowing because when George was looking for Ulrich he notices that the animals in the forest would not sleep and were scared. This gives the reader a hint that there is something dangerous in the woods that is making the animals restless. This foreshadows the ending of the story where the wolves approach Georg and Ulrich and presumably kill them.
"'Are they your men' asked Georg... 'No' said Ulrich... 'Who are they' asked Georg... 'Wolves'" (Saki 37)
This quote demonstrates situational irony because in the end Georg and Ulrich are expecting to get help from their men but wolves come first and they are presumably killed.
Point of View
Literary Devices
Mind Map: The Interlopers
By Andreas Avramidis
"An idea was slowly forming and growing in his brain... In the pain and languor that Ulrich himself was feeling the old fierce hatred seemed to be dying down" (Saki 36)
This quote represents the conflict of person vs. self where Ulrich decided that he no longer wanted to fight with Georg. He wanted to forget about the land dispute and become Georg`s friend.
"And you offered me your wine-flask ... Ulrich von Gradwitz, I will be your friend" (Saki 37)
This is an example of symbolism because when Ulrich offers Georg some wine, this symbolizes friendship.
"...as men each prayed that misfortune might fall on the other, and this wind-scourged winter night Ulrich had banded together his foresters to watch the dark forest..." (Saki 34)
This quote is an example of pathetic fallacy in the story. The weather is cold and gloomy and this relates to the anger and hatred that both men feel towards each other.
"In the cold, gloomy forest..." (Saki 37)
This quote describes the atmosphere of the story. In the story the characters get stuck in a dark cold forest.
"...as boys they had thirsted for one another's blood..." (Saki 34)
This quote is an example of a metaphor because the boys did not literally want to drink each other's blood but it represents how much they hated each other.
"Who are they?" asked Georg quickly, straining his eyes to see what the other would gladly not have seen. Wolves" (Saki 37)
This quote shows the antagonists of the story.The antagonists are the wolves that are running towards Georg and Ulrich at the end of the story to presumably eat them.
Tuesday September 30, 2014
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