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TM training: How to give presentations

No description

Annina Kasvi

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of TM training: How to give presentations

What to wear? * Clear structure & logical order * One idea per slide * Heading for each slide * Slide mount * Simple charts & diagrams * Appropriate pictures * Careful with sound and video * Big size * Standard form, 1 or 2 fonts * Contrasting color * Simple language * The 6 x 7 rule * Use bullet points and short phrases * Double check grammar and spelling Outline Illustration Content Text Who? What? Where? * Whatever makes you feel comfortable * Nothing too fancy that distracts your
audience away from your message * Light and natural make-up * Smile! * Be professional The 5 W:s * Avoid crossing your hands * Stand straight and look
at the audience * Eye contact to the crowd,
a listener and a co-delegate How to practice? * Breathe deeply - voice carries better * Concentrate on articulation. "Taste" the
words when practicing Tips on style: * Have your own catch phrases * Converse with the audience instead of
acting like being on stage * Offer some personal information to
be more approachable Handling
the questions * Brainstorm some Frequently Asked Questions * Prepare clear and flexible answers especially for tricky questions * Go through some of the FAQ already during presentation * Get as much practice in presentations as you can * Give up the belief that you have to be perfect * Visualize the outcome (imagine your audience in clown costumes) * Try to "begin with the end in mind" * Prepare positively (include an anecdote or a quotation) * Love your listener * Avoid mood-altering substances
(lots of coffee, alcohol, smoking,
tranquilizer, heavy food) * A sip of water to clear your throat * Focus on friendly faces, or someone in the back of the room * Get plenty of sleep the night before
your presentation * Don't drink soda * Prepare a good ending line * Walk up to your speaking
location early * Whistle, sing, walk around, doodle, shake your body, stretch, breathe deeply in and out 10 times * Imagine your lungs in your stomach * Move the chairs * Go to the back row to
engage the whole audience * Bring a personal item (or a lucky item) and place it somewhere * Tell stories to make your
presentation more personable * Relax your facial muscles Content, audience's objectives, audience
action afterwards Why? When? This presentation, this audience,
this action Your audience, is involved in action,
benefits from action Time of presentation, time when the
audience became involved Place Introduction The Body The End * "Bang" * Self introduction * Why? (purpose) * Agenda * KISS (keep it short
and simple) * Links between ideas * Summary * Remind key points * "Bang" * Links * What's next? Let's practice! + Feedback What should we keep doing? What should we stop doing? Comments? P A M P E R S rejection rticulation odulation ronunciation nunciation epetition peed Body language & Eye contact Voice Work with your audience * Motivate your audience to listen * Make talk easy to follow * Make the audience participate * Give examples * Be enthusiastic
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