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Ethics Project

Sabic Company

sky smile

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Ethics Project


Four CSR Pyramid
Sabic’s CSR development:
SABIC has expanded since its inception to achieve higher rates of growth, expansion and spread globally.
It Adopted in its early stages on foreign expertise to work partnerships with the world's leading petrochemical companies in this area.
The recent developments have contributed to SABIC in the field of care and community service.

Government expectations from SABIC
SABIC has established scholarship Program for High School Graduates at KSA or abroad within the disciplines identified by the company.
SABIC organized a Safety, Health & Environment Day in JUBAIL and awards were presented to the companies that achieved higher scores in Industrial Safety & Environment (IS&E).

Government expectations from SABIC
SABIC has rules of conduct and code of ethics, which comprise the rules to be followed by all SABIC employees daily.
SABIC has established an open day for the children of the King Fahd National Center for tumors.
Also establishment a concert for the elderly in the social care home in Riyadh.

CSR policies and the gap
CSR policies in KSA They care about development of the human resources.
Becoming less dependent on foreigners, increasing job opportunities for the Saudis themselves.
SABIC adopted in its infancy in 1976 on foreign expertise to make partnerships with the world's leading petrochemical companies in this field.

SABIC’s CSR policies
1- Dividends distribution policy.
2- Conflict of interest’s policy.
3- Disclosure policy and transparency.
4- Disclosure in board of director’s report.

CSR programs and activities:

SABIC Scholarship Program for High School Graduates.
Establishment of an open day for the children of the King Fahd National Center for tumors.
Establishment a concert for the elderly in the social care home in Riyadh.

SABIC organized a safety, health & environmental day in Jubail.
Under company code of ethics.
SABIC’s CSR Compliance:
Csr in Saudi Arabia
a. Summary of Saudi Government. CSR polices and regulations

Company introduction

SABIC classified the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, it is a public shareholding company located its headquarters in Riyadh. The fundamental aim is an investment for the production of oil derivatives materials.

Background/history of csr
''invisible hand'' concept of Adam Smith.
The classical view.
Algal model back. In the stakeholder model.

Increasing competitiveness in the Saudi economy.
Increasing job opportunities for the Saudis citizens.
Less dependent on foreigners.

Participation of women in the
Sets a minimum wage 3000 SR.
Shariah Law "Alzakat" .
Focus on health sector.

b. Government CSR Programs

Building social care homes:-
Receives the older people of both sexes.
The physical or mental disabilities people.
focus on health care, social, psychological, religious, cultural care programs.
Health care programs:-

Building a clinics, medical clinics, pharmacies and anti-smoking centers.
Make courses in first aid serve guests hospitals.
Support committees friends patients and ensure healthy housing for patients.
focus on Health education.

Employment of the disabled:-
c. Government expectations
from companies


Lack of recruitment of children, the elderly.
employees 'work hours".
prices of goods and services.
law of workers' wages.
Harmful products to the environment.



Make a dinner or lunch for a charity, orphans.
Training the unemployed to work,
develop their skills and find good
jobs for them.

contribute on the philanthropy projects or charitable work, such as:-

a.Caring for the sick.

b.Lecturing educational and health programs

c.Recycling paper and plastic to preserve the environment

care for people with disabilities.
Directing disabled people in(VRC)and what is available has the capabilities. to the work consistent with what they got from the training then find job for them.
system of Zakat.
Goods and services with fair price.
provide jobs, new sources of income of individuals.
law of the minimum wage.
Work ethically in the work
Motivation of good moral
between staff and customers.
Reestablish some good
values, principles at
work, such as honesty.


" Be the preferred world leader in
"To responsibly provide quality products and services through innovation, learning and operational excellence while sustaining
maximum value for our stakeholders".
"Four core values, namely: motivation, participation, creativity,
and achievement".
Some of code of ethics:
Handle Company business honestly.
Cooperate with his co-workers to perform the work to the best interests of the Company.
Loyalty to the Company.
Employee should not disclose any job secrets and information.
Refrain to accept any bribe.

Comparative Analysis
Training young people
educated them,find job for them.

The allocation of a certain
percentage of annual profits to
spend at the orphanage.
Improved profitability for
petrochemical operations,, in the KSA and globally by increase in revenues enable there to engage in more social activity.

Building model schools have modern scientific equipment to supports modern methods of teaching .

Prepaid by :-
Fatimah Mohammed Alhobail
Fatimah Mohammed Al shafi
Kubra Hassan Alaswad
Zahra Jaffer Alshoulah
Zahra Mohammed Alhashim

Thank You
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