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DAC Peer Review of Norway

No description

OECD DAC peer reviews

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of DAC Peer Review of Norway

Norway Development Co-operation in Guatemala
A small but FOCUSED rights-based programme
Development Challenges
Norway Development
Co-operation in Guatemala
Long-standing partnership since 1976
Economic Context
COFFEE most important export with BANANAS and SUGAR not far behind
DAC Peer Review of Norway
Partner Country Visit - Guatemala
6 November 2013

Perspectives from the field
1. Guatemala's economic & development context
2. Norway's development co-operation in Guatemala
3. Summary considerations
> 50% live below the poverty line
moderate growth between 2010 & 2012
after 36 years of civil war Guatemala experienced democratic and macroeconomic stability
manufacturing and mining sectors have grown, but remain small
MDGs mixed & HDI low
High levels of inequality
High crime rate
young population: jobs critical
Development Assistance
Donor Co-ordination
Established in 1999
Co-ordinates at three levels: political (Dialogue Group), technical/policy (GCC), and sector levels
Facilitated in the peace process in 1996
Norway's ODA to Guatemala
Flows: Norway was the 11th biggest donor to Guatemala in 2011, committing USD 11.53 million in grants and equity investments
Builds on Norway's comparative advantage and values
Programme aimed at:
Human rights
Sustainable use of natural resources
Priority Programme
- a joint UN-led programme supports the advocacy efforts of the indigenous communities for an equal and fair justice system (OHCHR), the right to bilingual and intercultural education (UNICEF), and autonomous political rights and representation (UNDP).
Organisation & Management
The Embassy in Guatemala administers:
Country activities
Regional activities for Central America
Effectively manage programmes by concentrating its assistance on a few activities.

Flexible and decentralised, but manages only a small share of ODA to Guatemala
Summary Considerations
Norway's programme is delivered through well-tailored partnerships and administered by highly competent staff.
Norway could take a more whole-of-government approach to improve synergies and coherence across all of its development efforts in Guatemala
Predictability and accountability of Norway's aid could be further enhanced by providing a strategic medium-term plan.
Bilateral programmes in Nicaragua and El Salvador
Deep understanding of social and political context
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