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Prisoner B-3087

No description

Daniel Frechette

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087
" I climbed the stairs to my old floor and crept down the hall. This corridor had once been so familiar to me that I traveled it without really ever seeing it. But now it was different. Now I could see the worn spots in the hall rugs, the broken piece of molding along the ceiling, the burned out lightbulb in the light fixture. There was a new smell too, something putrid, like nothing I had ever smelled before. It was the strongest near the door to Mr. Tatarka's flat. The door was ajar, and I pushed it open to look inside. Mr. Tatarka lay in the middle of the front room of his apartment beside the chair he'd stolen from the Immerglicks, dead in a pool of his own blood."
Main Character
Yanek Gruener
The main character, Yanek Gruener, is a Jewish boy in his early teens who has lost everything that was familiar and still hopes to get it back. He is brave and shows it many times throughout the story. He is also very intelligent and with his bravery and intelligence, he has a higher chance to survive.
About The Author
Alan Michael Gratz was born on January 27, 1972 in Knoxville Tennessee. Alan has a B.A in creative writing and a Master's Degree in English Education. He also has been a finalist, 2002 Marguerite deAngeli Contest and was co-winner for the 2003 Kimberly Colen Memorial Grant.
The story starts off in Krakow ( a city in Poland) and the main character, Yanek, is showing a puppet show when the music on the radio gets interrupted by an announcement. " Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this broadcast with the news that the German army has reached Krakow."The Germans soon took away Yanek, his family and everyone he loved. Yanek needs to survive 10 concentration camps to survive the wrath of the Nazis. Can he do it?
By Alan Gratz
Secondary Characters
There are lots of secondary characters like:
Uncle Moshe, Oskar Gruener, Mina Gruener and Amon Goeth. They all either die or get separated from Yanek.
Amon Goeth
Amon Goeth is one of the secondary characters. He is one of Yanek's biggest obstacles. He is the camp commandant of Plazow concentration camp. He has two dogs and he will kill anyone just for the fun of it.
Amon is readying his gun to kill an innocent slave.
Oskar Gruener
Oskar is Yanek's father. He is protective of Yanek but still thinks that he is old enough to take his own responsibilities.He gets taken away and killed by the Nazis in front of Yanek. Oskar was the owner of a shoe shop untill it got closed down by the Nazis.
Mina Gruener
Mina is Yanek's mother. she is very afraid of the Nazis and stays in a hiding place for most of the time. She was taken away from Yanek at the same time as his father was.
Uncle Moshe
Uncle Moshe is the uncle of Yanek and is the one who survives the longest besides Yanek. Moshe gets killed by Amon Goeth after being to slow at work.
Other Books by Alan Gratz
Alan Gratz wrote 4 other books besides Prisoner B-3087. They are Something Rotten, Samurai Shortstop, The Brooklyn Nine and Something Wicked.
Something Rotten
Something Rotten is the first novel of the Horatio Wilkes mystery series by Alan Gratz. It follows the plot of Hamlet by William Shakespeare, but it is in a modern age and set in the United States. It was written in 2007.
Samurai Shortstop
Samurai Shortstop is a story about a boy who loves baseball and need to chose between two lives and fines a way to bridge them.
The Brooklyn Nine
The Brooklyn Nine is about an immigrant from Germany, arranges a tryout for a black pitcher, pretending he is Cuban so he can play.
Something Wicked
This is a sequel to Something Rotten.
The genres of my book are historical fiction, action and adventure.
Krakow is where the story started. It was Yanek's home.
Plazow is the concentration camp that Amon Goeth was in charge of. It was Yanek's first camp.
Trezbina is the second concentration camp that Yanek was at.
Prisoner B-3087 is a very intense, problimatic story but the main problem is that the Nazis have captured Yanek and he needs to survive.
What I Learned From This Book
I learned that people can be very cruel. This problem is based around racism in this story because all of the people that were captured by the Nazis, were treated differently by race and the people who were treated the worst were the Jewish people.
Interesting Facts
Based on a true story
Yanek's English name is Jacob
Yanek has relatives still alive today named Ruth and Jack
The story takes place in WWII.
Why I Read This Book
I read this book because I like the theme of war. I have read many different war themed books.
To conclude, Prisoner B-3087 is a great book and I strongly recommend it.
Thanks For Watching!
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