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The Crusades

No description

vanessa teong

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of The Crusades

Who led the children's crusade?
In the year 1212, a shepherd boy from Rhineland in Germany named 'Nicholas' had convinced himself that he will lead a large amount of children to the holy land.

He led a army of 7,000 children towards
the Holy Land. But by the time they got
there they were either tired, starving out
of hunger or died from severe diseases.
Some were even sold into slavery. In the
end they didn't make it to the Holy Land.
Why did the Children have to go?
People in the past thinks that only pure people could make it to Jerusalem and defeat their enemies.So they think that children were the purest of all people because they haven't lived on this world log enough to know how wicked the world is.They also
think that a child should lead them
instead of a adult. So then they
persuaded the boy named 'Nicholas'
that Jesus told him to lead to group of
children into helping their country.
How did they gather so many children so fast?
Many parents in Germany made or forces their child into going, saying that it will help a lot of people, some of them even ran away from home just to join
the crusade some other are homeless
kids who decided to go. In the end,
they ended up having about 7,000
children going to the crusade. A Priest
even said "Nothing in the world are
stopping those children. As soon
as they gathered up the all headed to
the Holy Land.
Why didn't they make it in the End?
There are several of reasons why they didn't make it. Some was because they were kids and they don't have much energy and the amount of food had decreased,
causing them to be weak and harder to
move. But some was because of
illnesses which killed a lot of the children
especially when they are in weak
conditions. Children were also sold in
slaver after nearly all of the children died
or ran away. So they stopped even before
reaching the sea.
The Timeline of the Children's Crusade
The time of the
Children's crusade
started at 1212,
but only lasted for
less than a year as
they failed to reach
the sea.
Timeline of the Whole Crusade
Thankz 4 Watchin'
Children's Crusade
In the year 1212
The whole Crusade
started at 1096 and ended at 1272 after the ninth crusade
So basically, Nicholas of cologne was persuaded (by the people who think that children are pure and will most likely succeed in fighting the enemies) that Jesus told him to lead a army of children to defeat their enemies. Then he led about 7,000 children towards the Holy Land but didn't make it cause they became weaker. Those who had survived were either sold into slavery or ran away.
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