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Burton Elementary & Middle School

No description

Maegen Oldham

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Burton Elementary & Middle School

Owen-Ames-Kimball (who built the school
in 1925) is the same company that
constructed the remodel.
Burton Elementary & Middle School
The 2010 Census, of the area around Burton, shows the following percentages for ethnic ratios:
40.7% Black, 36.8% White, and 27.7% Hispanic.

As far as levels of formal education go:
75.6% of the population do not have any
formal education beyond a high school
diploma, and a portion of that percentage
accounts for individuals that have not
received a high school diploma.
About the School
Location: South West Grand Rapids
2133 Buchanan Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Public School Information
Real Estate
In a 2 block radius from Burton, there are 20 homes
that have been foreclosed or are currently
in the process of foreclosure.
The Neighborhood
Burton is 89 years old, built in 1925.
The school was remodeled in 2009.
Burton is an Elementary and Middle School, the schools
share a front entry, library, and playground;
but they are completely separate
learning spaces.

Front Entrance
Library & Learning Center
Upstairs Connecting Hallway -- Showing the Middle School Office
Courtyard in the center of the school building -- Located behind the library, and flanked by the Middle, and Elementary, School
Elevated View of the Library
Example of Preserved
Architectural Style
Graffiti &
Gang Signs
Test Scores Below State Average
Violent Crime Rate: 7.71
National: 3.9

Property Crime Rate: 35.35
National: 28.6

Crimes per Square Mile: 179
National: 39.3
*Per 1,000 Residents, In Grand Rapids
We walked down Buchanan, then turned on Banner Court. We walked along Division Street to Burton Street. Then, we walked down Jerome until Kirtland. We walked down Darwin to see the school's fields.
Price Range of 'For Sale' Homes in the neighborhoods around the school:
Burton's Student Teacher Ratio 16:1
-State Average -> 18:1

Students eligible for subsidized lunch: 98.7%
-State Average ->45%
South, East:
Garbage, litter and children's toys on uncut grass. Gang sign graffiti. Need for repairs on: roofs, siding, brick work. Bent wire fences. Guard dog signs. Condemned signs. Liquor bottles & caps, and broken glass in the street.
North, West:
Manicured lawns, lawn ornaments, quality fences. Homes with complete paint job and external renovations, painted bricks. Graffiti gang signs. Couple foreclosures. Few shambled houses. Neighbors socializing outdoors.
Demographic Project by: Ben Engelsman,
Abby Lyons, & Maegen Oldham

Foreclosure Estimate:
For sale: $44,900
For sale: $69,900
The majority of families that send their children to Burton, fall at or below the $40-$49k mark.
Street Signs

Main Sources



*Population: 35,459
> <
Sign Posts

Boarded Windows
Roadwork Construction
Well Cared for Homes
>> <<
New Cars
> Social Programs Encouraging Education <
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