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Football Prezi


DeAnna Jezisek

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Football Prezi

Why Football?
I chose this topic because I got really interested in playing football at recess, then I joined a football team. I just thought it would be cool if I got some more background knowledge on the sport.
Famous Players
Peyton Manning QB
Eli Manning QB
Tony Romo QB
Tom Brady QB
Aaron Rodgers QB
Richard Sherman CB
The Ball
Early Day Facts
History of American Football
Walter Camp
Walter Camp is known as the Father of American Football. This is because he invented the line of scrimmage, the 11 man teams, and the quarterback position. He later changed it more. He made a first down every 10 yards and you have 4 downs to get to that first down. But back then when he thought of it, you had to get 5 yards to get the first down, and you only had 3 downs.
Football was intended to train future soldiers
College football was bigger than Pro Baseball
Most teams resorted to trickery. One creative coach had the team wear elastic jerseys so that they could put a football in their jerseys. after a huddle. The other team didn't know which man had the ball! (You could do that)

The National Football League (NFL) is where the pros go after college if they want, and if they get in. The NFL was founded on August 20th, in 1920. The first NFL teams were The Decatur Staleys, who are now the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cardinals, now the Arizona Cardinals. The last team to join the NFL did in 2002. The Houston Texans joined as an expansion team. An expansion team is a team added to a professional league.

The scoring was way different back then it is now. It a gone through a lot of changes over time. A few of the changes are the field goal points have gone from six to four to five to three, in a span of over a hundred years.
More Score!
Early 1883
Safety: 1 point
Touchdown: 2 points
Goal after touchdown: 4 points
Goal from the field: 5 points

Later 1883
Safety: 2 points
Touchdown: 4 points
Goal after touchdown: 4 points
Goal from the field: 5 points

Safety: 2 points
Touchdown: 5 points
Goal after touchdown: 1 point
Goal from the field: 5 points

In 1904 and 1909, the goal from the field was reduced to 4, and then 3 points.

In 1904 the field goal was reduced from 5 to 4, and then in 1909, from 4 points to 3.

In 1912, touchdowns became worth 6 points.
The Basics
In football, there is an offense and a defense. Each team has 11 players on the field at a time. The offense tries to advance the ball to the endzone, and the defense tries to stop them. The offense can move the ball down the field by passing or running the ball. They have four downs to get 10 yards, which is the first down. If they get the first down, the downs restart. On fourth down, the offense usually punts the ball to the other team, unless they are very close to the endzone or the first down.
The ball has been changed many, many times over the past 200 years of football. At first, it was... An inflated pigs blatter. Amazing. It was round and very awkward to throw. Now, think about how long it takes you to blow up a football, if you have ever. Back then it took about 30 minutes.
First Player
The first pro football player was William "Pudge" Heffelfinger. He joined the league on November 12th, 1892, playing for Yale. A few years later, they finished the season not only undefeated, but un scored on. That's some skill!
More Facts!
Football was based off the English sport rugby
Players wore almost no padding and no helmets
The president, Theodore Roosevelt threatened to ban the sport if they didn't make it safer
There were no touchdowns, players couldn't run with the ball, they had to pass it around, and they had to kick, hit or headbutt the ball into a goal to score
American football was formed from the sport rugby. Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the UK, kind of what football is like in the United States. One player kicks off the ball to the other team and the team tries to score by placing the ball in the endzone. There was no line of scrimmage, downs, passes, or plays.
The Super Bowl
Okay. For those of you who don't know what the Super Bowl is, then... I don't know what to say. The Super Bowl is basically a really big game, the two best teams in the NFL, the final game every NFL team wants to make to. The Super Bowls first game was on January 15, 1967, the Greenbay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Greenbay Packers crushed it, ending the game with the score 35-10.
For just throwing a ball around, I think that Football players get paid a lot of money. The average player and the average payment are about 1.9$ million a season and about 6 million for signing a contract. But now, if were talking about really good football players, then Drew Brees is your guy. Every year, he makes only 1.7$ million, but for signing a contract, he got 31$ million bucks!
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