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Emerging Canadian Independence

No description

Jessica Guenther

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Emerging Canadian Independence

Emerging Canadian Independence Canada in 1867 had colonial status which meant it had control over domestic affairs but not over foreign affairs Colonial Status Canada-U.S. Relations tensions were high between Britain and the US after the American Civil War
to restore good relations a delegation from both parties met in Washington
Macdonald was invited, which pleased Canadians even though he had very little influence Treaty of Washington, 1871 in 1909 Canada and the US met to discuss concerns about decreasing water quality in the Great Lakes
Canada suggested the establishment of the International Waterways Commission to share responsibility and management of these waterways
though Britain was present this helped to establish a relationship between Canada and the US Boundary Waters Treaty, 1909 The Boer War, 1899-1902 Laurier and Canadian Autonomy Laurier established Canada's Department of External Affairs in 1909
Canada also joined with the US to form the International Joint Commission
These institutions gave Canada the increased independence it wanted Foreign Affairs Institutions the race for naval superiority in Europe prompted Britain to ask its colonies to fund its dreadnoughts
in 1910 Laurier introduced a bill to create a Canadian navy
the bill did not follow Britain's suggestions
the navy was available for Britain's use
this decision did not please either the nationalists or the imperialists Naval Service Crisis Alaska Boundary Dispute in 1867 the US purchased Alaska from Russia
the panhandle boundary was uncertain
during the gold rush Canada disputed the boundary and dispatched North West Mounted Police to establish Canada's claim
a commission was set up with American, Canadian, and British representatives
the settlement favored the American claim South Africa was a British Colony
Dutch settlers had established independent colonies
tension existed between these groups
in 1899 the Boers declared war on Britain
Canada was divided whether to support them: Nationalists vs. Imperialists
Laurier made a compromise between the 2 sides and volunteers were recruited for 3 years
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