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1693 Sicily Earthquake

No description

Mackenzie Jackson

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of 1693 Sicily Earthquake

1693 Sicily the Earthquake

Plate Tectonic
The lithosphere is broken up into two plates, where the plates meet determines the type of boundary the earthquake is. On Earth there are about ten different plates.

Plate Boundary
The plate boundary for Sicily was convergent meaning the the plates went toward each other making the earthquake
Sicily happened in Southern Italy near Sicily, Calabria and Malta on January 11, 1693, at around 9 pm local time
The intensity of Sicily was X1 which on the Mercalli Scale it was known as extreme, and a very damaging earthquake.
Impact on the Society
Over 60,000 people died
Many villages and towns were completely destroyed
Sicily also caused a tsunami
Plate Tectonics are what causes an earthquake. There are two plates. When the plates start to interact; this is what causes an earthquake.
The magnitude was 7.4 on the Richter Scale
News Paper Article
Many people lost their lives and some lost their homes. This earthquake was such a tragic thing for Italy.
More Recent events near Italy
In 2012 Emilia the earthquake happened in Italy
Magnitude- 5.8
Date of earthquake- May 20,2012
Location- North of the City Bologna
Deaths- Seven people died
What happened after Earthquake?
The earthquake was followed by a tsunami that devastated the coastal villages on the Ionian Sea and the Straits of Messina. Almost 2/3 of the population was killed
The After Math of Sicily
Sicily got split in half because of how huge the earthquake was.
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