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lean UX design: a sequence of iterations

DTU course 02810 lean UX design

Michael Kai Petersen

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of lean UX design: a sequence of iterations

a sequence of iterations
Michael Kai Petersen

understand the problem
design the test first
turn stories into tasks
consult your team
make hard decisions
(in) validate the idea
understand the problem
observe not only users
listen to the company
capture business needs
identify target segment
and the usage context
lean UX is
not linear but
a sequence
of iterations
design the test first
set measurable goals
and success criteria
related to business
to validate solution
in regards to needs
turn stories into tasks
breaking down problem
into manageable steps
enabling exploration
without being locked
into a specific solution
consult your team
on possible solutions
to get new ideas and
estimate the ease
of implementation but
keep the process short
make hard decisions
otherwise you fail ..
go figure out whether
you are right or wrong
estimate effort and
return of investment
(in)validate the idea
make mistakes fail early
sketch out a UI flow
with actions and states
test as a POP functional
interactive prototype
don't implement features
ask why users want them
solve a choice problem ?
cost benefit metrics ?
social reassurance ?
what users actually need ..

price events chart
dramatic news
changes in ratings
mergers acquisitions
earnings reports
analyst comments
traders need
monitoring of prices
analysts need
stats to explore trends
brokers need
performance metrics
design approach
visual narrative
of content items
offering a filtering
to convey a message
and enable analysis
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