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Water Web Quest

No description

Jackson Lunderville

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Water Web Quest

The amount of water on the Earth
The amount of people who die each year from dirty water is 12 million annual deaths! A child dies every 20 seconds from the dirty water.

A water filter removes all impurities in water so it is safe to drink.
One Way to Filter Water
One way to filter water is to put water into a plastic bottle and put it on your roof 8 hours on a hot summer day.
Dirty Water
What causes dirty water in third world nations
What causes the dirty water in third world nations is pollution. The pollution gets into the water and makes it dirty.
Cholera is a diarrhea disease that is very bad because you can die from it if you are not treated. The side affects are diarrhea, vomiting and it can lead to dehydration.
There is 75% of the Earth that is water. The rest of the Earth is dirt or grass.
Water Web Quest
What A Water filter Does
By Jordan, Mackenzie and Jackson.L
We use fresh water for flushing toilets ,brushing your teeth, taking showers, ect.
Fresh Water Compared To Salt Water.
How much salt water is on earth compared to fresh water.
The amount of people who die each year from dirty water
There is more salt water on Earth than fresh water. There is 97.5% of salt water on Earth and there is 2.5% of fresh water.
The people affected by dirty water
The people affected by dirty water live in these places: Haiti, Africa and South East Asia.
Where the people in third world nations get their water
People in third world nations get their water from shipments that are brought in from people who are trying to help. They also boil the water that they can find. it doesn't get rid of all the particles but it is better than having the dirties water.
Things That we Use Fresh Water For
The Longest Someone Can Go With Out Water.
A good website for dirty water
A good website for dirty water is
A person can go about 3 to 5 days before they get sick and die.
Types Of Water Filters
Some Ways That you can Conserve Our Freshwater
A Good Video
You can conserve your water by taking shorter showers, turning the faucet off when you are brushing you teeth, ect.
Filter Video
Freshwater video
One type of water filter is a cloth water filter. The way it works is you pour your contaminated water onto 8 lairs of cloth and the clean water will drip through and the contaminates will stay behind.
In conclusion we think that every time that you take a drink of water you should think of the fact of how lucky you are to have a clean water. You should not waste water and hopefully now that you have seen and heard our presentation you will think of how fortunate that we do not have to drink the disgusting water like in third world nations.
A Good Website
This Is A Good Site For Filtration
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