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Sustainability Education

No description

Joel Enoch

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Sustainability Education

Oregon's Environmental Literacy Initiative:

“. . . allowing every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.”

the Ecological Footprint and
Genuine Progress Indicator

Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan –
Aligning the Oregon Environmental Literacy
Strands & the Academic Standards --
December of 2011
Coming Soon? Environmental Literacy "Educators Toolkit"
In progress, Spring, 2014:
Oregon Environmental Literary Educators' Toolkit
Beginning with rich content . . .
Best Practices: "intrinsic" approach and the transformative model. . .
Allows for an effective approach to what is most promising within the Common Core and 21st Century Science standards. . .
Focus on critical thinking
Inquiry-based lessons and projects
Use of evidence to support conclusions and opinions
Intentional focus on written and oral communication
Provides opportunities for real participation and engagment through. . .
Inquiry into resource flows from a local, regional, societal, and global perspective
Energy and consumption audits
Real-world data and analysis of the lifestyle choices on global systems, present and future
Service-learning and citizen advocacy potential
Provides exciting opportunities . . .
For meaningful teacher and professional development
For meaningful inquiry and drilling down into our cultural story, our place in the evolving story of our species and the planet
For important discussions of economic and philosophical notions of progress, growth, limits, the commons, well-being, and happiness.
For critical knowledge of ecological imperatives of ecosystem carrying capacity, open and closed systems, energy and waste flows
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