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Copy of Academy: Prezi Workflow in 15 minutes

How to use Prezi - Interface and workflow

zack zadrozna

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Academy: Prezi Workflow in 15 minutes

Thank you! Chico State Democrat Club How to Start? MEChA Now is the time to get involved Now you have a great overview of how to become involved Associated Students Get Involved Click on Show to start the presentation Go to Fullscreen. You can zoom out, detour any time, and simply click Next to get back to the Path Protesting History "The results in Budapest and Warsaw were set off by student protestings...Governents in Bolivia, Venezuela, Indonesia and South Vietnam have been overhrown by students." Protesting made great strides in the 1960's at Cal Berkley when students protested for there freedom of speech. This was all occuring during the Vietnam War and the students believe they were not able to fight against the current politics in the United States because the police would arrest them while protesting which is a direct violation of the First Ammendment. Clubs On Campus Alternative Ways of Protesting A excellent alternate of protesting is street art because it informs more than just the people involved but instead the general public aka the voters of our state. This has been done sucessfully by Shepard Fairey, Blek Le Rat, and Banksy throughout the world. Current Protests Protest UC Berkley
UC Berkley students have been on a hunger strike going over one week. The University Police has a strong presense and have taken down banners supporting the protests. Everyday at 7 pm 200 students rally against budget cuts. They are fighting for several issues including the Arizona Immigration Act, lower penalties for protesters, budget cuts at the university level, and to rehire back state employees. State Wide Groups Againstbudgetcuts.org
is a great website to find out more about how you can become involved in protesting our current budget defict. This website helped organize a rally in San Francisco that had over twelve thousand attendees. http://www.aschico.com/ Find MEChA in the CCLC at the library room 174 or 176 everyday campus is open What Is MEChA? MEChA is a political related organization that discusses different polictical issues and they take action in these issues. For AS, come to BMU 203 to talk to Nathan and he will guide you in the right direction on how you can become a more involved student in the action rallies on campus and throughout the state For the Student Democrat Club, go BMU 213 and ask for list of student organizations and how to contact that club and they will gladly assit you. Where can you find them? Done by
Zachary Zadrozna
Trevor Bay
Rosa Scoma
Itcoatl Rodriguez How To Become Involved in Protests and Alternate Forms of Protesting http://vimeo.com/11797800
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