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The Globalization of Converse

No description

N'daisha Williams

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The Globalization of Converse

Globalization By: Cimone & N'daisha Muther, Christopher. "The Boston Globe." Converse Steps Up Its Game With Retail Store. Globe Newspaper Company, 28 Oct 2010. Web. 21 May 2013. <http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/fashion/articles/2010/10/28/converse_steps_up_its_game_with_concept_store/>.
Shayon, Sheila. "Nike Better World? Not For Converse Factory Workers in Indonesia." Nike Better World? Not For Converse Factory Workers in Indonesia. 2011. <http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2011/07/13/nike-just-not-doing-it-right.asp&xgt;.
Canning, Andrea, and Kinga Janik. "ABC News." Converse Lures 'Rebel Consumer' with Musician Collaborations. ABC News, 11 Apr 2012. Web. 21 May 2013. <http://abcnews.go.com/Business/converse-lures-rebel-consumer-musician-collaborations/story?id=16081920
"Brand watch Converse; Style For men For; Shoes that brought hoop dreams to the masses." Times [London, England] 27 Aug. 2011: 55. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 21 May 2013.<http://bi.galegroup.com/essentials/article/GALE%7CA265377392/8fbd526bfb6a79aa30127c1d6f6e3f67?u=nysl_ce_syrcl

"Converse Inc." Notable Corporate Chronologies. Detroit: Gale, 2011. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 21 May2013<.http://bi.galegroup.com/essentials/article/GALE%7CI2501150478/38190a7402f35e83d15d3324c0d157d7?u=nysl_ce_syrcl
Jilani, Zaid. "Think Progress." Meet The Indonesian Workers Who Make Your Nikes: 50 Cent Hourly Wages, Beatings, And Humiliation. Center For American Progress Action Fund, 13 Jul 2011. Web. 21 May 2013.
Velasquez, Angela. "A star is born." Footwear Plus Dec. 2010: 20+. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 21 May2013.<http://bi.galegroup.com/essentials/article/GALE%7CA301967652/168c86f4d02a601a08df3e8a97771028?u=nysl_ce_syrcl
"Nike to acquire Converse." United Press International 10 July 2003: 1008191w3100. Business Insights: Essentials. Web.21 May 2013 <http://bi.galegroup.com/essentials/article/GALE%7CA105047132/87a38d4ab80c8d6eee54216e87ae2df0?u=nysl_ce_syrcl
Bratcher, Rory. "Converse Sneaker Recycling." greenliving.nationalgeographic.com. National Geographic. Web. 21 May 2013. <http://greenliving.nationalgeographic.com/converse-sneaker-recycling-20110.html>.
"Converse." Marketing 14 Sept. 2011: 16. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 23 May 2013. <http://bi.galegroup.com/essentials/article/GALE%7CA266912600/729f9602134b990dcc8709f4a8988f99?u=nysl_ce_syrcl
"Nike workers kicked, slapped, and verbally abused at factories making converses." www.dailymail.co.uk. N.p., 13 07 2011. Web. 25 May 2013. <http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014325/Nike-workers-kicked-slapped-verbally-abused-factories-making-Converse-line-Indonesia.html Citations Converse Basketball Significance. Converse was a shoe used primarily in basketball.
In 1917 Converse became the "All Star Basketball Sneaker".
Worn and endorsed by Charles H, "Chuck" Taylor in 1921.
1985 Converse became the first official shoe of the National Basketball League (NBA). Nike Bought Converse!? Civil Rights Turmoil In 2011, reports based on an Association press investigation found Nike factories guilty of going against civil rights laws
As of 2011, nearly 2/3 of 168 factories making converse products worldwide fail to meet Nikes own standards for contract manufacturing

Females at a Taiwanese Pou Chen plant make around 31cents an hour
Workers have been fired for voicing their opinions on harsh treatment and even taking sick days
Harsh treatment includes kicking slapping, verbal abuse, and being forced to stand in the sun
Nike corespondent claimed pre-existing license prevent Nike from inspecting factories or opposing its own code of conduct In 2001 Converse filed for bankruptcy , and sold to Nike in 2003 for $305 million
Manufacturing plants then moved overseas
Nike had to also take on some of the debt Converse had
This resulted in over 400 jobs being lost at a North Carolina distribution facility ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT In 2011, converse adopts ReUSE a shoe
People donate old Converses through mailing or drop boxes
Old Converses are collected, recycled then converted into playgrounds, tracks, and tennis courts
The Consider Design program was launched Original Head Quarters. I 1908 Marquis M Converse established the FIRST Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts.
By 1910 the shoe company was producing 4,000 pairs of sneakers, with 14 salesmen and 360 workers.
In 2003 after Nike Bought Converse they moved overseas to Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, ect.. So shoes could be produced cheaper
Limited edition Converse "Red" CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR shoes are made in partnership with the Gap in support of efforts to eliminate AIDS in Africa.
They have headquarters now in Europe, China/Asia Pacific, and Japan Conditions Overseas POSITIVE EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION As basketball spread around the world, converse was allowed to gain publicity because it was the official shoe company for basketball Citations Chronological Timeline 1908: Marquis M Converse establishes Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts 1910: Produces 4,000 pairs of Converses a day 1921: Basketball player Charles H "Chuck" Taylor became the FIRST endorser of Converse 1923: Taylor's signature is added to the All Star ankle patch 1942: Supplied the American Armed Forces with protective footwear during WWII 1953: Creates a Coastal Footwear Coorpiration in Canovanas, Puerto Rico 1961: Expands with the purchase of the Tyer Rubber Company 1967: Establishes a new company in Preque Isle, Maine 1969: Taylor was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 1984: Form agreements with Moonstar Chemical Corp, Mizuno Corp, and Zeft Corp., to manufacture, distribute, and sell Converse in Japan 1995:Laid off 200 workers, and recall 400,000 pairs RAW Energy, and RAW Power shoes, No longer produces outdoor, running, walking, tennis, and football products loosing $71 million 2003: Sold to Nike for $305 million 2005: Works alongside Nike, and created signature shoe for Dwayne Wade NEGATIVES OF GLOBALIZATION Converse expands and is worn by more people worldwide traditional shoes are forgotten and replaced by a foreign culture Jobs are provided around the world in countries that suffer from high poverty rate
The economies or various countries are boosted as a result of the new source of income
Countries can develop better relationship as a result of sharing a common market or source of income-the exportation on Converse shoes The manufacturing process is brought over seas Jobs in the mothering country of the business are taken away In 2007 limited edition Converse "Red" CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR shoes are made in partnership with the Gap in support of efforts to eliminate AIDS in Africa. Converse Before... and After Until the mid 1960's ONLY the black and white style converse was produced
To personalize and make their converse stand out people put different color shoelaces in them
Converse was only found in the United States until 2003 Now there are many different styles and color converse, people can choose from 1 solid color, converses with superheroes, bands and a mixture of colors
To personalize and make your converse stand out not only can you change the shoelaces, but you can DESIGN them YOURSELF!!!
Converse can now be found in over 90 countries worldwide! In 2011 Nike was facing allegations of child labor and sweatshops.
There were reports at the Sukabumi plant, in Indonesia of workers being abused physically, mentally & emotionally.
Supervisors were throwing shoes, calling the workers pigs & little was done to stop it.
A man claimed he was kicked by a supervisor after making a mistake while cutting rubber sole.
Nike's "Do It or Else" slogan was taken to a literal meaning. Strengths Appeals to both the older people and younger folks
Older age groups desires a simple style that can match with everything
Younger age groups desire the chance to express themselves in their shoe (Customizing)
Celebrity endorsement
Appeals to lower income families
Appeals to skaters, runners, tennis players worldwide who desire a specific shoe
Well known as a part of American culture http://christinetsangsociallycircling.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/converse-final-paper.pdf
Enloe, Cynthia. Globalization and Militarization: Femenists Make the Link. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007. eBook. <http://books.google.com/books?id=mksnZ0985iwC&dq=Globalization of Converse shoe students&source=gbs_navlinks_s>.
http://www.uvm.edu/~shali/pdf.pdf Demographics AGE Target age includes years 5-50
young people want to enjoy a classic sneaker while older people want to bring back the old days where converse was all that existed INCOME low priced shoes allow low income families the chance to purchase high quality at a low price LOCATION target cities that are highly populated with high school kids and low income families which are more likely to purchased the low priced shoes In the United States alone, more that 60% of people have owned a pair of Converse in their lifetime. The Competition WEAKNESS While converse still carries on its old classic name, it must compete with the newer, fresher companies. Perception As a result of appealing to the lower class, many people view Converses as cheap, non-durable, and lacking style. Quality Many people claim that Converse made in Asian countries are inferior to the ones made in the USA. The quality of the finishing of the Converse is Distribution http://nikeinc.com/pages/manufacturing-map The Largest Market? When converse was bought by Nike it became apart of largest seller of athletic apparel and footwear around the world.
With manufacturing plants in 43 countries, 785 factories, and 1,006,360 workers
When Nike spread converse to China, China became our fastest growing global market and the United States became the second.
Korea: 15
Taiwan: 21
Argentina: 11
Thailand: 40
Vietnam: 60
USA: 49
Malaysia: 25
China: 121
*number of manufacturing
plants located in the country Manufactured materials are transferred between countries to be finished, to be worked on, to be processed into bigger pieces for assembly. Nike distributes its products to retail locations within the same countries that produce its products in addition to sending almost finished products to factories in the US for finishing touches. How Converse Perception Changed The more details they add to making Converse (ex: special stitching) People that make Converse in countries that lack labor laws are paid less wages. At first converse was a shoe for athletics such as tennis, running, football, and more...
Then it became a shoe primarily for basketball use.
Now it's a shoe STEREOTYPICALLY for "misfits" such as rockers, skaters, and "emo" people ect,... Nike Improves....Or Does it?? Current day problems include lack of freedom of association and collective bargaining, harassment, excessive working hours, in-accurate, or non-payment of wages, and health and safety issues.
After the civil right turmoil, Nike went forward to improve their factories by instituting several things:
Developed a supplier code of conduct
Adding monitors to factory floors
Limiting Audits
Root Cause Analysis
New design principles
Increase in communication between their materials sourcing department and manufacturing department

Earlier this week, 3000 gathered in Cambodia to strike and demand, higher wages-23 were injured
Workers demand an additional $14 on top of their $74/m salary
April marked a month remembered for the collapse of a Nike factory building-1000 died
NIKE. DECLINED.TO COMMENT. Stereotypes About Converse Sneakers Today converse aren't used in sports, however there is a stereotype out there saying that primarily 'Punk' or 'Emo' people wear them.
As with all stereotypes there is some truth to them. But converse is much more than a stereotype. Whether you know it or not the color converse you choose to wear has something to say about you. How Does Converse Affect Students Converses allow students in every country to express themselves and be perceived however they want to in life
Help low income families wear an affordable shoe that is pocket friendly
We are inhabit the world they leave behind
One of the key materials in Converse is Rubber; this means petroleum must be mined-What is the Global impact?? What Colors Say About Us. RED: Stimulating, Exciting, Energetic, Commands Power and Attention.
GREEN: Tranquil, Refreshing, and Peaceful
DARK GREEN: Traditional and Trustworthy
BRIGHT GREEN: Trendy, Whimsical, and Lively
PURPLE: Creative, Individualistic, Original, Calming, Uplifting, and Creative CONVERSE
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