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Japanese Verbs

Learn how to conjugate verbs in Japanese.

Gabrielle Russillo

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Japanese Verbs

Japanese Verbs Ichidan Verbs Usually end in -iru or -eru Base -eru sample -iru sample 1 tabe abi
2 tabe abi
3 (dictionary) taberu abiru
4 tabere abire
5 tabero abiro
te tabete abite
ta tabeta abita Godan Verbs End in a "u" sound u, ru, tsu, ku, gu, mu, nu, bu, su Base u ru tsu ku gu mu nu bu su 1 kawa nora mata kaka oyoga yoma shina manaba osa
2 kai nori machi kaki oyogi yomi shini manabi oshi
3 (dict.) kau noru matsu kaku oyogu yomu shinu manabu osu
4 kae nore mate kake oyoge yome shine manabe ose
5 kaou norou matou kakou oyogou yomou shinou manabou osou
te katte notte matte kaite oyoide yonde shinde manande oshite
ta katta notta matta kaita oyoida yonda shinda mananda oshita Irregular Verbs Only 3: suru (to do), kuru (to come) and iku (to go)
Conjugate differently from ichidan and godan verbs Base suru kuru iku 1 shi ko ika
2 shi ki iki
3 (dict.) suru kuru iku
4 sure kire ike
5 shiro kuro ikou
te shite kite itte
ta shita kita itta
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