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Erosion and Weathering

No description

Lindsey Huguet

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Erosion and Weathering

Erosion and Weathering
This is a picture of chemical weathering in the form of rust. I took this picture of a chain underneath a table outside the sixth grade class.
This is a picture of physical weathering. Physical forces such as rain or frost caused cracks in the blacktop.

This is an example of prevention of weathering. This new pipe replaced an old rusty one near the grass.
This is a picture of chemical weathering. Acid rain may have caused this sewer drain to rust.
This newly painted door is my second example of prevention of weathering and erosion. This new coat of paint on a door by the gym covered peeling paint.
By: Lindsey
Thanks for watching!
This curb has been cracked because of physical weathering. It may have been caused from rain and cold or by people.
This bench is an example of chemical weathering. The paint peeling and rust has been caused by chemical means.
This picture of a side of the amphitheater is an example of chemical weathering. Chemicals have caused the material to oxidate.
This picture represents physical weathering. The peeling may have been cause by animals or rain.
This is an example of physical weathering. Rain, animals, or people could have caused this paint to peel.
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