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GlobalGiving: Pioneering Change in International Development

Presentation as part of Nat Geo Store Earth Week

Rachel Smith

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of GlobalGiving: Pioneering Change in International Development

Pioneering a New Model for Overseas Aid Why challenge top-down? Context Who do we work with?
For developers? For communities? For givers? For advocacy? Grassroots and why? The Vision 3. Engagement and education for Givers: direct connection and support to communities Interested in knowing more?
Contact Info Reading List.
Good people to watch
THANKS! Environmental Project Health Project (Todd) Social entreupenurs top-down vs. bottom-up
WHO DECIDES? advocacy and innovation how it started movement creators As a global changemaker? online marketplace for giving what do you think about? images of Starving children? speaking to
fundraisers? hearing current affair? International Development deforestation watching celebrities
fundraise? - need for greater efficiency
- less bureaucracy
- speed of change - funds take a long time to be used
- greater number of initiatives can benefit even if outside current agendas
Origins dennis mari Idea to distribute aid more
effectively by democratizing philanthropy peer to peer philanthropy max project impact To impact a million lives in the developing world, through pioneering a new model for overseas aid: the world’s first online development NGO that cultivates the next generation of high impact grassroots NGOs Individual and corporate philanthropists. Alice Bator Kasiisi Project Uganda Todd Shea CDRS Pakistan Onyango Joseph RARUDO, a community-based organization in Nambago Village Speaker: Rachel Smith
Head of NGO Partnerships and Camapaign
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