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JABS Personal Stitch

No description

Don'a Smith

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of JABS Personal Stitch

Customers Can Now Place Orders Without Leaving the Comfort of Their Homes
Joseph and Andrea Arancio
The products are always good, the value is always great, and the customer service is un-matched in the industry.
-Alexander S. Arancio
JABS: Meet the Owner
JABS Introduces Online Catalog
Offers everything that they sell on their website and in the store
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Now Serving the Community
JABS: Open For Business
JABS: Online Catalog (Cont.)
Full-service custom embroidery and screen printing company
Elements Public Relations
Provides embroidery, screening, and digital printing services to the general public, local High Schools, and Fire Companies.
Original client’s were students and faculty of Arthur L. Johnson High School.
Established in 2007
Designs his own prints and has his own personal studio
Senior Real Estate Representative at Wakefern Food Corp.
Soccer Coach at The Clark Soccer Club
Recognized numerous times for his generous contributions to organizations such as UNICO National, Clark Policemen Benevolent Association Local #125, and Township of Clark.
Owner/President of JABS Personal Stitch
Renowned firefighter in Maplewood, NJ- 25yrs
Expand their clientele
Gain revenue
Create awareness of the company
JABS: Conclusion
Creating customer interest in products being sold at JABS

Keeping clients informed
Creating a relationship with potential clients through online outlets such as the JABS website and social media
Gaining Additional Customers
JABS is a community involved full-service screen & digital printing and embroidery company.
Owned by Joseph Arancio
New online catalog
Includes everything the store has
Saves time for customers
Attracts Millennials
Donates to local community events
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