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Copy of The Misfits Book Report

This is a book report about the book "The Misfits" by James Howe.

Natsuneeh Kitaokaah

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Misfits Book Report

By: James Howe The Theme Main Characters:
Bobby Goodspeed: He is a narrator of the story, and he lives with his dad because his mom passed away when he was little. Bobby is softhearted, fat, and caring.
Skeezie Tookis: He dresses up like a "lazy person". He has a sense of humor. Skeezie is humorous and has a good heart.
Joe Bunch: He acts like a girl. He had a crush on a popular guy, Collin Briggs. He gives nice advises to his friends. Joe is creative and reliable.
Addie Carle: She is getting picked on because of her height. Her mind is all about politics which can influence some people. Addie is confident, intelligent, and outgoing.

Natsune Kitaoka
LA period 2 I chose this background image because I believe that this book's theme, The Misfits, is that you shouldn't call another person names ; everyone should get along with each other. In this background image, I can imagine them not calling each other names. This theme is significant because Bobby, Skeezie, Joe, and Addie get name-calling by a lot of people. Therefore, in the election for the Paintbrush Falls Middle School, they made a No-Name party run so there would be no name-calling at the school. The Misfits Characterization The author, James Howe uses direct characterization to describe the characters. For example, when he descriced Addie, he descibed her like this: "Names come Addie's way, too, only in her case it is because of her being so tall, in addition to the factor of her intelligence, both into the world a girl. "(pg 11) Setting This story takes place in a little town, Paintbrush Falls, New York. The main characters go to Paintbrush Falls Middle School. The tone of the story is compassionate. An example is: ""...will you go to the dance with me?" I cannot believe my ears, but i am feeling brave, too, so I go, "Sure. And, Kelsey i like you alot."" pg 256
The mood of this story is thoughtful. An example is: "But remember what I said in the last chapter about happy endings? It isn't always about winning the election..or the race... or the game. Sometimes it is about winning something much bigger." pg 260 Climax 1st Major event 2nd Major event 3rd Major Event 4th Major Event 5th Major Event Why I chose this event for climax Resolution Recommendation: The climax of the story was when Bobby, Skeezie, Joe, and Addie did the election. At the speech, Bobby told everyone how he felt being name-called by people. After the speech, they found out that they lost the election. The climax of the story was when Bobby, Skeezie, Joe, and Addie lost the election. I chose this event as a climax because it was the most interesting part of the story. It was also near the resolution. If the story stopped there when they lost, I would want to know what happens next. I would recommend "The Misfits" to anyone. This book is humorous and interesting. I liked every character. I liked all of their character traits, personality, etc. I think this book can decrease the number of people who are bulling others. I can relate to some of the characters in this book, so it was pretty interesting. I think everyone would enjoy this book. I was surprised by the resolution of the story. Bobby, Skeezie, Joe, and Addie lost the election, but some days after the election, the teachers were impressed by their speech. Therefore, they wanted them to help stop name-calling in the school. At the end of the story, people stopped name-calling. The first major event was that during homeroom, Addie decides not to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance because she feels like the country doesnt respect the rights of people's color. The homeroom teacher sends out Addie to the principal's office because the teacher thought it was disrespectful. Addie thinks forming a third party at the school government is a good idea. The teachers didnt allow her to form a freedom party; however she asked DuShawn Carter, the only African-American in the school, to be candicate of president. He
agreed to do it. The second major event was when Addie begins asking people if they want to join the Freedom Party. As a result, Bobby agrees to run for treasurer, and Heather O' Malley runs for secretary. After they worked on all of the posters and hung it up on the walls at school,they get sent to the principal's office because they didn't ask Ms. Wyman, the advisor the student goverment, for permission. The Freedom Party gets disbanded. The 3rd major event was when Bobby comes up with a plan to start a No-Name party, which will stop people from name-calling in school. They made posters with red x marks and secretly put up the posters all around the school. Afterwards it got removed. The 4th major event was when No-Name party puts up new posters with a slogan, "Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will break our spirit." Afterwards, Addie and Bobby meet to write a speech, but they couldn't think of anything good so they're going to work on it sometime later. The 5th major event was when Bobby and Addie meet to write the speech. Bobby wrote a really nice,powerful draft. When he showed it to Addie, she said,"Brilliant." Then, she thinks Bobby should read it at the assembly. At first, he was frightened, but he ends up doing it. Natsune Kitaoka
Period 2
Mrs. Braun
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