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Chloe Tse

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Zodiac

The Zodiac
The Zodiac is a collection of signs found in constellations in the sky. It is used in many types of astrology. The ancient peoples of Earth used these signs to come up with a logical explanation as to why certain events occurred (e.g., the changing seasons, weather).
The 12 Zodiac Signs
March 21 - April 19
April 20 - May 20
May 21 - June 20
June 21 - July 22
July 23 - August 22
August 23 - September 22
September 23 - October 22
October 23 - November 21
November 22 - December 21
Aries comes from the tale of the Golden Ram. In this story, Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage and family, wanted revenge on King Athamus so she poisoned his mind and made him berserk. When Athamus attempted to sacrifice his son, Heracles, a notable hero, sent a Golden Ram to save him. This ram was put in the sky as a constellation by Zeus, the Greek god of the sky, for its bravery.
Taurus comes from the tale of Europa and the Bull. Zeus was attracted to Europa so he took the form of a white bull. Europa pet the bull and rode on his back. Zeus put this constellation in the sky as remembrance for the time he and Europa spent together.
Gemini comes from the tale of Castor and Pollux who were twins. When Castor died in battle, Pollux committed suicide so that he could join his brother. Zeus put this constellation in the sky in honour of their love for each other.
Cancer comes from the tale of the twelve labours of Heracles. Hera did not like Heracles so she made him go insane and murder his wife and children. After returning to his regular mental state, he was sentenced to twelve labours for his crimes. In one of these labours, he had to kill a dragon. Hera sent a crab to stop him. Although it failed, Hera put it in the sky to honour its attempt.
Leo also comes from the tale of the twelve labours of Heracles. In one of his labours, he had to fight the Lion of Nemea. After finding that weapons were useless against it, he took down the lion using hand-to-hand-combat. Zeus put the lion in the sky to honor this well-fought battle.
Virgo comes from the tale of Pandora. Pandora opened a box that released evil into Earth. The gods that were living on Earth fled back to the heavens. Astraea, the goddess of purity and innocence, was the last to return and was put in the sky as a reminder of lost innocence.
Libra comes from Themis, the Greek goddess of divine justice. She always carried the scales of justice. These scales were put in the sky because the Greek gods valued justice.
Scorpio comes from the tale of Orion. He was a centaur (half man, half horse) who was the favourite hunting partner of Artemis, the Greek goddess of wilderness. Her brother, Apollo, was very jealous and got a scorpion to sting and kill Orion. Zeus placed the scorpion in the sky in remembrance of its struggles.
Sagittarius comes from the tale of Chiron the centaur.. One day, Chiron found Prometheus who was trapped
and could only escape if someone else took his place. Chiron agreed to do so and died. Zeus put him in the sky in honour of his bravery.
Capricorn comes from the tale of the goat, Amalthea. It fed Zeus when he was a baby so he put the goat in the sky to thank Amalthea.
December 22 - January 19
January 20 - February 18
February 19 - March 20
Aquarius comes from the tale of Ganymede. Zeus loved Ganymede's appearance so he gave him the honourable position of being Zeus' cup bearer. Zeus was always fond of Ganymede so he put a constellation of him in the sky.
Pisces comes from the tale of the Typhon. Aprhrodite, the goddess of beauty, and her son, Eros, the god of love, encountered the Typhon, a vicious monster, and turned into twin fish so that they could escape by swimming. Aphrodite was grateful to the fish who lent their form so she put a constellation of them in the sky.
These signs originated from Greek mythology. They are all constellations that were said to be put in the sky by Greek gods and goddesses. Each sign is given a range of days. If your birthday falls between that range, that is your zodiac sign. These days represent the time period in which that certain constellation is blocked from our view on Earth by the sun. Four elements are represented by the Zodiac signs. The signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius represent the fire element. The signs of Taurus,
Virgo, and Capricorn represent the earth element. The signs
of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius represent the air element.
The signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces represent
the water element.
Astrology is a combination of religion and science that uses objects in space (like stars and planets) to predict the lives of humans. There are many different types of astrology. In Canada, we use western astrology which involves the Zodiac signs.
Get into these three teams (names are in alphabetical order):
Team 1:
Team 3:
Anthony C.
Team 2:
Anthony L.
Nicholas P.
Nicholas S.
Stand in a line with your team according to the order given to you (e.g., if it says to stand in alphabetical order based on your first name, do so). The first team to finish correctly wins a prize. The team that wins the most rounds wins an extra prize.
Round 1
Stand in order according to the zodiac calendar:
Round 2
Stand in a line Alphabetically ordered according to zodiac sign.
Stand in a line alphabetically according to the element your zodiac sign represents.
Round 3
Round 5
Stand in order from least to greatest according to the number of letters in the name of your zodiac sign.
Round 4
Stand in a line according to the number of letters in the element your sign represents (from least to greatest).
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