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No description

Brandi Smith

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Goldwell

The history
Goldwell was founded by Hans Erich Dotter in Germany, 1920.
1986 Goldwells first oxidative semi-permanent color with a ph of 6.8 is released,goldwell also introduces 3 new colorance salon services ; Color balancing,color perming,mini coloring.
working together with salons goldwell introduces a co branded hair care range.
goldwell begins 75% partnership with KAO.
expands to Asia
Goldwell patents the first dust free bleaching powder on the market.
Goldwell introduces it's expert color range with KAO patent.
silklift-a strong clear lightening powder.
Color zoom concept relaunch to focus on color perfection.
Nectaya- a huge trend ,consumers want gentler color services.
Goldwell delivers nectaya"nurturing ammonia free permanent hair color with innovative KAO technology.
Goldwell introduces the first long lasting and customizable keratin treatment service with additional home care program.
Close partnership with salons.
Is it exclusive?
Depends on the type of color. Goldwell topchic can be purchased at walgreens, amazon and ebay. As for Goldwell silklift, it is salon exclusive.
Where can it be purchased?
Depends, topchic can be bought anywhere and others have to be bought at professional stores or through a goldwell representative.
How much?
Goldwell colors run anywhere from $12.00-$36.00.
Is it opaque or translucent?
It is translucent.
What is it most known for?
Colorzoom,a daring line of vibrant colors. " A huge trend"
Why I would work for goldwell.
I've read nothing but good reviews,they've been around for a long time and I love the vibrant colors they have.
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