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No description

Velma Ruiz

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive

Persuasive Text Exploring Reading Genres Techniques Authors Use Parallelism is repeating words, phrases, or similar grammatical structures to make an analogy:
"Just like a good book soothes your mind, so does music.
Comparison shows how two things are alike: "Music is like a breath of fresh air"
Causality shows how one thing leads to another: If you listen to music, then you will be stress free.
Look for these as you read. Assignment Reading Genres Persuasive text states a position.
It makes an argument.
You must:
Identify author's position
Ask yourself what the author wants you to do or believe.
Ask yourself, "Is this a fact or the authors opinion?"
Weak arguments use exaggerations, contradictions, & misleading statements.
Strong arguments have facts & evidence. 5.12a Identify the author's viewpoint or position & explain the basic relationships among ideas (eg., parallelism, comparison, causality) in the argument.
5.12B Recognize exaggerated, contradictory, or misleading statements in text. You should listen to music because... Keep a persuasive reflection journal. Every time you hear, read, or see a persuasive message, make an entry in your journal.
Identify authors position and how she uses text features
Find two ads to analyze - With a partner discuss the use of text features.
Identify author's viewpoint
Did the author use any parallelism, causality, or comparisons?
Which ad is more convincing?
Create your own advertisement to persuade a friend to do something.
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