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COM30605 Radio Format

No description

Wai Leong

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of COM30605 Radio Format

Combine more than one format.

Format Combinations

Musical commercial has always been one of the most effective methods for pre-disposing an audience to remember a product.

Music is still basically an emotional thing (Susan Hamilton).

Music/ Jingle

Always an effective attention-getter, but successful humor reflect correct humouruos trends.

Used in conjunction with dramatization, tied to a storyline or character relationships.


Clear, simple statement about the product/ service

Should stress on something special about the product/service, real or implied, that it different or better than the competitors.

Sometime built around a slogan characterizing that special attribute.

The Straight Sell

Use realistic settings or events as a base- make the presentation more interesting and hold the audience netter.


Two type of personality testimonial:

Prestigious artist/ Celebrity
Average man/ women

The Testimonial

Is given by the celebrity the emotion appeals of prestige, power and good taste are primary.

For the celebrity testimonial to be effective, its content and style, including the setting, action, and type of dialogue, must be consistent with the public image of the personality.

The Testimonial

The straight sell
The testimonial
The dramatization
Format Combination

Commercial Formats

Lecturer & Tutorial :
Ms. Leong Wai Kit

COM30605 0145:
Basic Audio Visual Production
Semester 2, Feb 2014
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