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Agnatha Quiz!

Kaya nyo yan! WOOTWOOT!

Gerald James Balon

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Agnatha Quiz!

Quiz!!! Question Number 11 Question Number 12 Question Number 14 The skeleton of Agnathans
is composed of ______. Question Number 13 What latin word
means "Stone Licker"? Question Number 15 Question Number 16 Question Number 17 Question Number 18 How many pairs of gill openings do Lampreys have? Question Number 19 Question Number 20 True or False True or False: True or False: How many pairs of gill
slits do Hagfishes have? What does "Myxa" mean? What does "aspidos" mean? Agnathans are never parasitic. Question Number 2 Question Number 4 What type of Fertilization do Agnathans show? Question Number 3 What is/are the habitat of Agnthans? Question Number 5 Question Number 6 Give another example of an Agnathan Question Number 7 Question Number 8 True or False: Question number 9 Question Number 10 True or False: True or False Give one example of an Agnathan The only modern Agnathan
Body Covering is _______. True or False: Agnathans have paired
Appendages. Agnathans are Ectothermic Question Number 1 What do you call vertebrates with jaws? Lampreys are able to reproduce once
Hagfishes are examples
of Class Myxini The Adult Agnathan has a "complete" Digestive System Most species are dioecious Agnathan metabolism is
faster in cold water END! :D
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