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No description

Tyler Bailey

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Amazon

Amazon: 250 000 000
Ebay: 210 000 000
Amazon's Culture
A Stressful working environment
An extentions of Jeff Bezos’ brain
Competitive/Gladiator Culture
High Turnover
Accept Failure
Team Driven
Stubborn on vision, Flexible on details.
Amazon's Culture Cont.
Customer focus
Long-term approach
Entrepreneurial environment
"Willing to be misunderstood"
"Still Day One"
History Of Innovation
Is Amazon Innovative?
Fulfillment centers (Strategically placed)
Amazon Lockers (Alternate drop off location)
Amazon Prime (Shipping program)
October 28th, 2013
Tyler Bailey
Daniel Oliveria
Varinder Singh

Measuring Success
Income Statement (in thousands)
Balance Sheet
Amazon vs. Others
Future Innovative Competitors






Biometric Ordering (Want to buy that? Just scan your fingerprint)
Speedy Delivery-Delivered in matter of hours
Netflix (Amazon Instant Video)
Google/Microsoft (tablets, cloud storage/computing, web services)
Oracle (Amazon Relational Database Service)
1996 - Associate Program
1998 - Advantage Program
1999 - Granted “1-Click” Patent.
2002 - AWS (Amazon Web Services)
2006 - S3 (Simple Storage Services)
2007 - Kindle
Estimated Unique Monthly Visits
Stock Price
Amazon: 363.39
Ebay: 51.63
Analyze Innovative Nature From Different Perspective
Shareholders discontent ( short-term interests )
Unhappy Employees
Satisfied Customers
Innovative Sustainability
Frustration-Free Packaging
Reducing Packaging Waste
Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Earth Kaizens Program (Cumulative impact of many people working on delivering reductions in energy consumption and waste.)
Employees Count
2013 Q3 109,800
2012 Q3 81,400
34.89% Increase
2013 Q3 100,518
Possible Future Innovations for Amazon
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