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Fly-by-wire Presentation

Presentation on fly-by-wire in avionics

Lucas Eastwood

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Fly-by-wire Presentation

Fly-by-wire Advantages to avionics? Automatic stability
Fly-by-wire control systems allow aircraft computers to perform tasks without pilot input.
Gyroscopes detect movement changes, computer automatically stablises aircraft. Weight Reduction
Fly-by-wire aircraft are generally lighter than similarly designed aircraft with conventional controls.
Less space needed for mechanical control features. Safety & Redundancy
Fly-by-wire systems may be quadruplexed (four independent channels) to prevent loss of signals in case of failure to any of the channels.
Any failure in the computer systems is communicated to crew during pre-flight safety checks. Controlled flight
Fly-by-wire systems offer a more controlled level of flight. Most of the control systems are automated, removing human error.
In case of failure to the automatic system, most fly-by-wire aircraft have manual controls aswell, allowing the pilot to take control.
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