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THE FUTURE .......

What can we expect?? Its only around the corner........

Abbie Taylor

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of THE FUTURE .......

In the future people could have their own personal air cars or as they are more commonly known flying cars. These could help with traffic control and congestion as there could be layers of cars above the road
In the future Glow in the dark roads could exist they would help as car crashes that happen at night are less likely to occur and there would be less chance of driving off the road - that is off course if you are driving on the road.
In the future transport will be very different to now and it will be more convenient.
Future Transport
In the future completely silent engines should exist this means that roads will be much less noisy and that even fixing your car will be made better as it will disturb less people.
In the future there could be robots and clones
There could be robots that live and act as human they will have technology that means the robot will react to things like a tap on the shoulder
There could be robot fighting competitions where people take their robots and place them in a tournament a bit like boxing
In the future there will be mini robots that you ca control and they can clean up at do chores for you.
In the future our homes could be filled with gadgets to do everything for you.......
In our homes we will be able to control the lights and heating with one device in any room
In homes there will be things like a mirror that can turn into a TV and internet source
There will be games that can be controlled by your mind your fear and your excitement. Your feelings will be transferred into the game using a headset
You will be able to get a carpet that never looks dirty
In the future there will be whole towns and villages run on solar power however I doubt they will look like the image below.
I you think about the future you think about what you want now....
When your older you become less stable and more reliant on other people OR a robot? In the future there will be a robot for the elderly which will remind them if they need something and help them by doing their shopping (online).
At the minute cars create pollution and ruin the environment. in the future cars could run on pollution which will help keep the earyhs pollution down.
Nokia have developed a mobile phone that can control the heating when connected to the internet
However most of the helpful devices from the future need wifi to help them communicate - so you will need wifi in the future
In the future trains will be able to levitate using magnetic forces and they will be able to travel at speeds of up to 600mph.

They could leave a car at a stop filled with people who want to get off the train and continue on the journey. they will also be able to pick up cars full of people.
In the future planes and helicopters will be able to hold a lot more people without (about 800) sacrificing speed, also on public planes there will be anti terrorist security. for example cameras on every seat and thorough luggage checks
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