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FINAL GrowNOLA Presentation

No description

Page Murphy

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of FINAL GrowNOLA Presentation

Blogger Familiarization Tour OPPORTUNITY Blogger Familiarization Tour Blogger Familiarization Tour •Promote features of “My Louisiana” campaign in real time
•Expose new areas of Louisiana to bloggers and elevate awareness for Louisiana tourism among blog readers
•Gain exposure among cross-platform journalists •Launch ad campaign in key markets •Earn coverage in expert travel and tourism media
•Invite potential visitors to Louisiana for a unique experience •11:1 ROI
•More than $192,500 in publicity value
•More than 228,400 impressions Text Campaign Text Campaign Text Campaign Direct Email Campaign Consumers communicate more and longer to close the sale •Extend, deepen relationship
•Lower costs
•Higher response rates
•Identifies, further qualifies leads
•Faster response rates Direct Email Campaign SITUATION •Attempted for 20 years to pass direct access
•Faced organized, well-funded, well-connected opposition
•Show legislators broad-based voter support
•Small budget but needed big impact Direct Email Campaign RESULTS •REACH: 1,084 voters registered with the site
•RECRUIT: 75% increase over LPTA database
•ACT: 44 to 56% response rate
•SAVE: Single direct mail: $15K12-message e-campaign: $10K ($833/message) Media Tour NEED/OPPORTUNITY •Increased in competition/business challenges
•Raise company profile
•Big results on shoestring budget Media Tour RESULTS •Over 32 million impressions and $9 million in publicity
•Averaged 89:1 ROI
•Confirmed desk-side briefings with top tier media
•16 media appointments
•Featured in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Forbes.com, CIO Today, USA Today and others Media Tour GOALS •Enhance promotion through PR
•Maximize exposure/build relationships with media
•Develop strategic partnerships Social Media CHALLENGES •Change strategy to better integrate media relations and social media
•Leverage traditional tactics in modern PR world; blend old and new Social Media •Facebook events, contests, videos
•YouTube videos to promote chef, mixologist, ad campaign
•Twitter, Pinterest promotion
•Encouraged traditional media outlets to promote on social media, blending traditional and modern tactics SOLUTION Social Media RESULTS Social Media RESULTS RESULTS Arxcel Survey Arxcel Survey TRADITIONAL vs. MODERN Arxcel Survey GOALS •Maximize media exposure
•Out position multi-national competitors
•Position Arxcel as primary industry source
•National trade and consumer media
•Government contacts and media
•Local media in Arxcel markets
•Communicate key messages •Conference spotlight
•Entré to national media
•Featured in Drug Topics, USA Today, Reuter’s Health, Insurance Advocate, ABC News, Newsweek, Drug Topics and others •Ensure message reaches audience
•Immediate gratification
•Cost efficient
•No filler content
•Wide reach
•Highly interactive •Character limit
•Challenge to be effective in limited words
•Messages can be easily discarded
•Limited audience frequently texts Identified new topic each year in addition to traditional topics
•Opportunity to further media reach
•Link research results to recent media coverage surrounding the industry Louisiana Physical Therapy Association National Institute of Health PROS: National Institute of Health CONS: OVERVIEW Louisiana Office of Tourism OBJECTIVES RESULTS Windsor Court Hotel Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group New media vs. traditional PR:
What's right for your business?
John Deveney , ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA
@johndeveney New media vs. traditional PR:
What's right for your business?
John Deveney , ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA
@johndeveney Direct Email Campaign Direct Email Campaign Direct Email Campaign email offer web catch page main site homepage information request form information request form Similar set up costs
strategy, writing, design Direct Email Campaign Buying email lists
Your list and how you use it are key to response rate
About the same cost as direct mail list
Availability limited, but increasing
More selective, more expensive
Benefits come in volume, start at 5K SUCCESS •Sought to enroll up to 50,000 workers and volunteers who helped clean up the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and ask them to spread the word

•Tested a small group of 1,000 people then implemented two campaigns Text Campaign CAMPAIGN #1 MESSAGES: Week 1 = The GuLF STUDY needs oil spill cleanup workers and volunteers like you to learn more about the oil spill. Reply yes for more.

Week 2 = Complete the GuLF STUDY medical exam? If so, you will receive a $50 gift card. Call GuLF STUDY toll-free @ 1-855-644-4853 for eligibility.

Week 3 = Help the GuLF STUDY find answers to questions about the oil spill and health. Visit nihgulfstudy.org or call toll-free 1-855-644-4853.

Week 4 = It is important to document every oil spill cleanup and volunteer story. You are important to the GuLF STUDY. Make the call 1-855-644-4853. Text Campaign CAMPAIGN #2 Week 1 = Thank you for enrolling in the GuLF STUDY. We invite you to spread the word to other cleanup workers and volunteers. Reply yes for more.

Week 2 = The GuLF STUDY wants to document every oil spill story. Invite family and friends to enroll today. Call toll-free @ 1-855-644-4853.

Week 3 = If you completed the GuLF STUDY medical exam, you received a $50 gift card! Tell your friends to call 1-855-644-4853 for eligibility. MESSAGES: GOALS •Campaign #1: include as many as 100K or as few as 40K

•Campaign #2: send text messages to approximately 15,000 people 4,000 3,000 2,000 4,000 3,000 2,000
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